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Transit - MIDI to ER-301 via I2C [Development on Hold]


Just caught sight of this thread, amazing work @Drillionaire, thank you!

A bit of a noob here, there has been conversations here mostly about voice implementation, would the 2hp module also be able to take a fader+knob midi controller such as the simple Akai Midimix with 8 faders and 24 knobs, and interpret each of them into sc.cv?

Trying to find a simpler, cheaper solution to the evasive 16n.

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Had to end my lurker status here and say how excited I am about this!! The 301 always seemed like something that could benefit from a MIDI interface, for sure.



LOL - you’re not the only one man!




Look great
Perfect job @Drillionaire
Really love this project !
Is there possible to connect a teletype and your midi 2 i2c at the same time ?



Yes though there will hopefully be MIDI CC units rather than using SC.CV.

This won’t be possible until the Teletype and the Transit both adopt firmware implementation of multi-leader I2C. I don’t see that happening very soon.



While what @Drillionaire said is spot on, there are also reports of using two master devices and it working okay. The reason for this is that they both transmit events on the same bus and it’s kinda rare that they clash, obviously the more data being transmitted the more chance there is of errors occurring. Your milage may vary, but yeah just try it :slight_smile:



Right, forgot to mention that part! There’s (probably) no harm in trying!



Meaning I could plug the Midimix directly into the Midi host port on the Transit and also get bus power? Can’t wait!

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As long as it draws less than 500mA of power. I might remove this limit, but right now I’m using the USB current protection IC that built in to the Teensy 3.6

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Built up a prototype today. It’s working well! I totally spaced and left the I2C pullups off the PCB, so there will have to be at least one hardware revision.

For those of you who have expressed interest in pre-ordering, thank you so much! I think I will hold off on predicting when that will happen until there’s some progress made on establishing a set of MIDI units that can be implemented in the 301. The more I use the hacked together firmware that relies on the SC.xx objects, the more i realize how much nicer the user experience can be if there is some continuity between the types of messages being programmed on the end of the MIDI source, and the options being selected in the 301 itself.
Having to look at a spreadsheet to remember what goes where is a bit silly, and somewhat frustrating.

I’ve put together a little demo of a USB MIDI device that is being bus powered and using the USB Host MIDI input on the Transit module.

Next step for me is to put together as concrete of a set of units/a standard to propose to Brian and others for feedback.



Godspeed warrior, getting aboard the hype train for this one.

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Great, thanks a lot!!!
So, how the backlit logo looks with the red led?



Way too bright. The panel is also much too flimsy as a PCB. I’m getting a quote for black aluminum panels.



definitely interested in one!!!



Me too

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Man, this is shaping up to be a whole lot of awesomeness. Stoked!




when i was watching @Drillionaire’s demo the other day
my korg zero 8 involuntarily started to drool over
its upcoming reincarnation as the ultimate midi controller
for the ultimate sound computer
(channels in blue are set to full midi controller mode)



exactly what I want to do with 01V !!!



I’d most certainly buy this.



Interested, please add me to the list !