Transpose offset toggle?


I was hoping to benefit from the brilliant minds of this forum.

I was wondering how I could toggle transpose settings on/off within the 301.

Let’s say I send a gate to A1 – that toggles an offset that makes a pitch go -12 semitones.

Any ideas?


Use a mixer with an offset, the toggle input links to your mixer and will switch from 0 to 1 - effectively opening of closing the mixer thus allowing the offset to pass through and adjust your pitch.

It’s all about the gains!

edit: sorry replace mixer with VCA! Or actually you might need both depending on how you have things set up.

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Yes. same principe in this DivKid Video :

He uses a ADDAC304 through a 3X MIA to send CV signal to change root note on 2 HP Arp.

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Thanks, guys! I’ll try this.