Tricycle - a three band looper custom unit

This is a preset I have used a lot for sketching out ideas, but also as a performance tool. It’s basically a three band unit that contains several pedal loopers that can be sync’ed by feeding a clock as a quantizer of the record triggers. With some practice you can dial in one bar on the first looper, two bars on the second and so forth, and have it all playing neatly in sync. What was new to me in this unit was the way you can “route” custom controls to different units depending on a global route parameter. If the router is set to 1, then all control from the front panel is only affecting the first looper while the other just go about their business undisturbed. So you don’t need three different “record” triggers for the separate loopers, just dial in the right routing and use a single record/stop/clear trigger. It’s quite fun to use.

As always, I keep my “published” presets up to date in my GitHub repository: GitHub - bparticle/bparticle: Presets for the ER-301 sound computer so you can grab 'em all there, or download just the one directly from this page.

triCycle.unit (55.3 KB)


I was hoping for this exact type of thing. Being able to trigger multiple Loopers with one gate will be super useful. Now I just need to build a box so I can trigger it with my feet.

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You bet, let me know how it goes!

One parameter to control them all… :smiling_imp:

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this is amazing! i am super curious about how that is possible to achieve! will try to look at the insides of it!
and in general, this is one great and very useful unit!


Thanks @joe_biomassa Bump maps are always the answer :slight_smile: such a useful unit. You can block or pass any CV or audio based on the bump map parameters so it’s pretty straight forward to set up, but yes it’s a game changer for sure.

great unit and, by the way, i love the music! pretty cool “jazz for obsolete cyborgs”

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HAha, thanks. Exactly what I was aiming for. I think obsolete cyborgs are a niche to reckon with in the near future. Gotta think ahead!

Apart from Digitone coming in, I’m looping another unit that I will share soonish called Rambler. Sort of a rhythmic sample randomizer.


cool!! curious about it! i enlarged my sampling capabilities getting back to an mpc after many years, got me a nice mpc live. that and the 301 (in a small case with a cpl modulators and controllers) = <3

Fuck! That’s what ‘bump map’ does! lol I can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for the tip!


Yo @Bparticle sorry for the newb question. I’m trying to create a 4 bar loop of some drums I’m trigger by hand and cant figure out how to sync everything up so that the record starts with me trigger the first drum and stops on the last drum sound. Could you offer some insight please?

There are always many ways to solve an ER-301 puzzle. If you actually want to use the first trigger as a “start recording” signal, that will take some tinkering! It’s an interesting one though, so I might give a crack at it later. If I really need the timing to be just right, I sometimes prepare the loop length before actually recording it, as not to be distracted. Then you can “overdub” the silent loop and it will always be perfect. This is not always a good option though, especially in a live situation.

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Thanks for the advice. Theres something else, which i thought i would of figured out but for some reason when I move the router switch to 2 or 3 all audio stops working expect what was recorded on L1. looking at your video i noticed there was 3 bands of audio after the stop+cl control, which the tricylce i’m using lacks. I assumed it was a previous version or something but cant for the live of me figure how to get the audio through.

That’s strange. Could you get me a screen shot?

Sorry for the delay, back to er-301 world. Heres what I’ve got

Theres only 1 pedal looper insider also. Perhaps I’m missing some of Joe’s custom units but i shouldnt since I downloaded his master folder

That’s very odd. This should be a three band container. I just downloaded my own preset from Github to see if I may have uploaded a bad file, but it all worked as expected for me. Could you tell me the steps you took to load the preset in the chain?

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It looks like @Wiresforhair is inserting a Custom Source/Effect and then loading your preset into it. The correct procedure is to insert the preset directly.

insert (unit) > Presets (S3) > select triCycle.unit file > press ENTER


Thanks guys, everything is working right now

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