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Trig the ADSR



looks ADSR unit work only with gate signals?
Is there any way to trig it with a short trig and make it perform all the envelope shape?

I used er 301 for around 10 hours so maybe i missed a sub menu about ADSR input behavior

thanks :slight_smile:


If you are using triggers then (A)ttack and (R)elease are the only relevant parameters. (D)ecay and (S)ustain won’t make sense. The Skewed Sine Envelope on the other hand lets you set the envelope duration independently of the trigger length.

If you really really want to use the ADSR with a trigger and still have a decay and sustain stage, then put a Slew Limiter unit in front of the ADSR, set its mode to down and set the time to taste. It will slew the downwards edge of the trigger, thereby giving it duration.


There are also a couple ways of turning your triggers into gates:

  1. Set up a flip-flop where first trigger makes your gate go high and next trigger makes it go low
  2. Apply a slew limiter (downwards only) to your trigger, adjust the slew rate with CV


yeah thanks a lot

will try both options