Trig the ADSR


looks ADSR unit work only with gate signals?
Is there any way to trig it with a short trig and make it perform all the envelope shape?

I used er 301 for around 10 hours so maybe i missed a sub menu about ADSR input behavior

thanks :slight_smile:

If you are using triggers then (A)ttack and (R)elease are the only relevant parameters. (D)ecay and (S)ustain won’t make sense. The Skewed Sine Envelope on the other hand lets you set the envelope duration independently of the trigger length.

If you really really want to use the ADSR with a trigger and still have a decay and sustain stage, then put a Slew Limiter unit in front of the ADSR, set its mode to down and set the time to taste. It will slew the downwards edge of the trigger, thereby giving it duration.


There are also a couple ways of turning your triggers into gates:

  1. Set up a flip-flop where first trigger makes your gate go high and next trigger makes it go low
  2. Apply a slew limiter (downwards only) to your trigger, adjust the slew rate with CV
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yeah thanks a lot

will try both options


I am trying this idea of using a slew limiter and think I’m missing something or perhaps some functionality within the ER 301 firmware has changed since this was last discussed?

I am driving an ADSR from a gate control on parent mixer unit. The gate control is set to trigger on rise and indeed no problems driving the ADSR (besides not being able to produce a useful envelope when attack is greater than 0, which led me here). When I add a Slew Limiter with Mode: Down before the ADSR, the trigger completely disappears regardless of the time setting. It seems the trigger is too short for the Slew Limiter to pick up. Looking at the scope, the trigger is a single vertical line spanning 0 to the top, as opposed to the shortest trigger I can produce in my system via Pamela square at width: 1%, which still shows me a rectangle.

Am I missing an ingredient or is there possibly an issue with the gate control output trigger length or the Slew Limiter?

Edit: I was able to make this work by adding a VCA before the Slew Limiter. Needed to set the VCA to a whopping 100 to get the ADSR to hit sustain level. I think I need to multiply the VCA level by the attack time. Anyway.

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Would making a simple AD triggered envelope (or switch able between gate & trigger) be easy to accomplish in the lua middle layer? If so I may look at doing that today

So this might be somewhat relevant to this thread. I have been lusting after an elektron model:samples in the past few days so I decided to try to implement some of its functionality into the ER-301. The envelope of the model samples has one function that I really like; if you turn the decay knob all the way up it plays the entire sample with no decay. I think I can get this functionality with slew limiters but then I have to have linear envelopes. Anyone have any ideas? In any case triggerable envelopes, or a function generator, would be super useful for me too.

Edit: one function that would be extremely useful that could accomplish this task would be if we could bypass units with CV. I have wanted to have deeper CV control of units for a while. Just think of all the things you could do if you could programmatically bypass units.

I think you might be able to build an AR envelope that won’t retrigger during the attack phase. You could look at the timed gate unit in Accents for some inspiration. IIRC I put a vca in front of the trigger in that essentially closes for a duration controlled by a delay (the delay time in this case would be tied to the attack time), then re-opens for new triggers after that.

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Ahhh handy! Yes, I (think??) I was essentially already doing this, but with a single cycle square waveform in the variable speed player, and altering the speed of playback. I assume that’s essentially the same as what you’re suggesting?

Edit; …and then putting that through an envelope follower

Hmm, not sure if we’re talking about exactly the same thing. I was talking about preventing retriggering during the attack segment by controlling a VCA placed between the signal in and the envelope trigger. The timed gate unit in Accents has this kind of set up to keep the gate from being retriggered until it completes its cycle.

Edit: sorry, I may have confused the objective between this and the other ADSR thread that floated back to the top. :wink:

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Yes, I’m just after a triggerable AR envelope that doesn’t require a high gate during the entire attack phase :slight_smile:

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