Trigger like gaps in gate signals from the ER-101

I have an algorhythm module, which is clocked with a rising edge, but will also output a gate signal of the length of its clock input. Is there any way to get the 101 – with our without 102 – to output a long, across some pattern, gate signal, but when the pattern ends to have a very short gap, a few milliseconds, at which is outputs zero, before outputting a gate again? Or will I have to invert and offset the signal with another module?

Set the gate length equal to the step length.

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And that will include a momentary fall then rise?

I went through all the documentation again, and it seems that gate signals are either on / off, or a trigger up to 9.9ms… i.e. the only way to do this is invert and offset a trigger [in order to get both a steady gate signal and a rising edge]. Cheers for the reply

Did you try my suggestion?

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Hm, I thought I did, but I just realized that I definitely would only have done so with one pattern, not at the end of a pattern and start of another.

I just tried it, and output was not what I expected. I need to familiarize myself better with the module – I’m at the “why didn’t that work is the module broken” phase of learning how to use it :thinking:

I just realized I missed your question here. The answer is yes, but “momentary fall” is for half a clock period. So if necessary you can make the fall shorter by increasing your clock frequency (or multiplying it).

OK, I think I get it now

DURATION: length of the step in clock cycles GATE: length of the logic high portion of the gate in clock cycles

If GATE and DURATION are both set to 1, then then gate will still go low during the step? That seems strange, form the documentation – and I am so bad at trial and error learning.

But I think I understand now, thanks. Useful, though in this instance I would prefer my offset solution

Yes. Gate == Duration is a special case. Technically it shouldn’t go low during the step but I included this behavior by request so that legato and similar can be easily accomplished. For true tying of steps just make sure Gate > Duration.

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That’s cool, I encountered that just didn’t take it on board – thanks.

My apologies btw, I believe used the wrong word in the OP – “polarize” instead of offset – and I think that generated the confusion.