Trigger modulators for specific time

I want to trigger an internal LFO and also to make it last
for a certain period of time. Tried to trigger the volume of the modulator
with a gate from PNW, it works but the problem is the duration. Any advise really appreciated.

Is this an ER-301 question?

If so there are probably a variety of ways to accomplish it.

You could record the LFO as a sample, then put it in a sample player, trim it to the exact desired length using the built in sample editing tools, and use PNW to trigger the sample.

You could put a Linear Bipolar VCA after the LFO and control the VCA with an envelope generator. Use your gate to fire the envelope. If you want hard on/off, you could use the Skewed Sine Env, set the desired length, and feed the skewed sine into a Limiter unit. Crank the Limiter pre-gain up high to square off the skewed sine envelope shape.

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Thanks @Joe, checking now your ideas. Yes it’s about the er-301. When I tried I used the internal er-301 sine as lfo…My ultimate goal is to manage to create random lengths in random intervals.

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Seems like the second approach would be best then, so you’d remain able to modulate the time.

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