Trigger slices from voltage block?

Hi all - I’m still picking up how to best use the 301, slowly but surely. I have my samples triggered to a quantized beat (like Ableton). Now I would like to load a selection of slices and select a slice via voltage block so that it plays the next triggered by the quantize to clock unit. Can someone help me understand how to use the voltage block to select the slice to be played when next triggered by the quantized clock?

Sorry if this is a dumb newbie question - still just trying to wrap my head round all of this.



It sounds like you have already figured out how to load a bunch of samples as a pre-sliced sample chain (via the multi selection tool in the Sample Pool) but now you are stuck on how to use the ‘slice’ control on the Vari-speed Player unit. Is that correct?

Also, I’m not sure I understand why you are making your question specific to the Voltage Block. Is there something unusual about the way it outputs CV? Perhaps you mean any CV sequencer or CV source (LFO, etc.)?

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Thx brian. Yes I have multiple samples loaded via the multi function. You are correct. My question is really about manual triggering via any CV source (voltage block, tetrapad etc). I also have the added complication of the quantize to clock assigned to the variable sample player clock.
I just want to be able to reliably select a specific slice and manually trigger it while having its playback quantized to the clock. Thx for your assistance on this.

This should work. What problem are you having specifically?

Are you aware that it is important that the trigger comes chronologically after the CV has updated otherwise it will seem like the previously selected slice is always being triggered, or, if the trigger is happening while the CV is transitioning from one value to another then the slice selection can seem random. Here is a diagram:

You will want to make sure you are not triggering while in the transition period. You can assure your trigger is occurring after the transition period by inserting a uDelay in the trig sub-chain and adjusting the delay time to the smallest value necessary for solid slice selection.

The same situation applies to when you are quantizing to a given clock. You need to make sure the CV has already updated by the time your quantize clock releases any pending triggers. In this case, the easiest thing might be to put the delay on the quantize clock, or, after the Quantize to Clock unit. Either way should work. Both is not necessary of course.

  1. Plug one of your voltage block outputs into a cv input on the 301
  2. In your vari-speed player, select the slice parameter and set gain to 2 (this will cover the full range of slices)
  3. Press S1 to view the input chain for slice
  4. Set the chain input to the cv input that your voltage block is plugged into

The respective channel slider on the voltage block will now control which slice your vari-speed player plays back when triggered.

You still need a separate trigger to actually fire the sample, unless you get creative with @anon83620728’s slope detector found here: Custom Unit - Slope Detector


Thx for the responses. Worked through it tonight with your help and figured it all out. Thx again.

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The Motion Sensor in my bespoke library might work for this use case, and may be easier to dial in. Not to downplay in any way what @anon83620728 came up with here. I had some additional tools available in the middle layer that weren’t available at the time the Slope Detector was created. It is frankly pretty brilliant that kel got this working with the tools available at the time it was made!

I haven’t tried the Motion Sensor in this context but would be interested to hear how it works for this application if you end up trying it.

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Oh, good call.

I haven’t tried using your motion sensor, but I have been using the slope detector idea to scrub through a sample loaded into a Manual Loops. One control changes playback position, and when a change in cv is detected the “sync” parameter is triggered and the sample starts to play from that new position.

If the cv is sequenced, each step triggers the sample playback and chooses a new position. It should work the same with slices.

I wanted to mimic the functionality of the slide knob on a Phonogene/Morphagene, and it’s been working great.

But I should probably revisit this using your motion sensor. Looks like it would be more streamlined.

That sounds like another fun way to use Manual Loops - I’ll have to try that out!

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