Trigger to next slice, possible? Yes

I searched but couldn’t find if anyone had managed to do this or not with the current firmware?
So the same gate / trigger that triggers the sample also triggers the movement to the next slice.
I have tried but it is kind of random and not going to the net slice each time.
I am only using a gate and no CV this is from one of the gate outputs of a BSP.

Here is a Custom Unit called ‘count’.

count.lua (7.6 KB)


Copy the count.lua file to your ER-301\sc\presets\units\chooser folder so that it will show up in your list of units.

Quick Start

  1. Insert a count unit into the slice sub-chain of a Sample Player that is set to 12TET addressing mode.
  2. Assign the count>trig sub-chain’s source to your incoming trigger.
  3. Assign the Sample Player>trig sub-chain’s source to your incoming trigger.
  4. Set the Sample Player>slice gain to 1.0.


  • trig - Everytime a gate or trigger is received here the output value is incremented by step * semitone.
  • reset - A gate or trigger here causes the output to reset to zero.
  • step - The step size in terms of semitones. Positive values count up and negative values count down.


Tuned for 48kHz firmware. If you use this with 96kHz firmware then the step size will only be half of the displayed value.


Thanks Brian!

I’ll give it a shot now, much appreciated!

Just gave it a try but it’s not working.
I have set it up following your instructions but only very very occasionally will the slice change, most of the time it stays on the same slice and doesn’t move?

Does there have to be a minimum amount of slices for it work?
The sample I am trying has 7.

I have tried changing the settings of the osc and the offset inside the count unit but its not working as planned?

I forgot to mention that it will count from 0 to 122 semitones and then wrap back around to zero, unless you reset it. So if you want it to cycle over 7 slices then you should reset it every 7 triggers.

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ok got it! Thanks Brian!

I’ll have to use another gate channel for the reset.
Be great in the future if this functionality could be an option built into the sample player!

I can’t get the count.lua to work in the new firmware. Has this been superseded? Would be great to play slices in order.

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Since the chooser folder is not supported in v0.3.xx you will have to go back to the manual process of:

  • Insert a blank Custom Unit
  • In the Custom Unit header menu, choose Load Preset and load the count.lua file.

I plan on integrating presets into the unit selection menu soon.


Works great! Will also try it with the grain stretch and see how that sounds :sunglasses:

Could this Count unit also be used to make the pseudo-poly-sampler happen as well? (Pseudo Polyphony with the current firmware? Any ideas?)

Every trig, advance through a list of sample players and routing cv and gate to the current player (instead of advancing a slice in one and the same sample player like @sunshinelover is aiming for)? I am trying to find a way to do this only with the ER-301 so that I can just load up a custom unit and be all set, instead of fiddling with other modules like Disting, Teletype or Shifty that were all mentioned in the relevant thread.

Oh, ha. I replied to the other post before seeing this one. Seems you’re very much on the right track!

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