Trouble attaching a sample to the sample player

Occasionally, I have wav files that can’t be attached to the sample player for some strange reason. Very possibly user error, but I’m stumped. I made two wav files a few days ago and one worked fine, but the other won’t attach. Both are stereo 16 bit/48 kHz files. The really strange part is I can preview to file just fine in the sample player. The problem wav file is located at:


Am I missing something?

It seems the download link requires a username/password. Can you make it public on your end?

Sorry about that–new link here

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Thank you for the link. However, it works fine here. Perhaps you can describe in more detail what you mean by this:

If I open a sample player unit, when I scroll through my list of samples to select from sd card, I can’t attach/load that file into the unit. It’s in the list, but can’t be selected. It can be previewed and I hear it fine, but pressing enter doesn’t associate it with the player. Running 4.24

What does pressing ENTER do instead?

Pressing enter does nothing when that file is selected

Well, not exactly nothing—it does jump up to the vari-speed player unit view, but no message saying the file was attached—appears

Ah I think I figured it out. There is not enough sample memory for the sample that you are trying to load and it is failing silently.


Just tested—that was the problem! Thanks. I thought the sample buffer expanded to fit whatever samples were loaded—must have misunderstood how it works