Trying to make an analog style delay, help getting filtered echoes

Hi, apologies for what is, no doubt, an easy one. I’m digging into .4 and trying to route a delay through a filter with only the echoes being filtered, so far I haven’t figured out the routing. Any power users have a tip to lead me towards my a ha moment?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave, you may to do a little parallel work here.

One signal would be dry, the other would be the 100% wet delay with a filter following it, and then trickling the filter’s output feed back to the input stage of the delay via a mixer unit. Then have that dry signal mixed in after the filter with a mixer unit.

Hopefully I’m explaining this right. I’d draw it but I’m currently in my car :slight_smile:

You could also add a vca after the filter as a “wet” volume control, or have the wet and dry signal each within mixer units…have those in a custom unit … there’s a million ways you could do it really :slight_smile: depending on how you want it used within your workflow


Thanks Neil!
I was actually just thinking of something along those lines. Appreciate the tips! And drawing!:+1:

This is what I use for that:

I leave the first band for the dry signal and use the second band for my delay send (with the final VCA acting as a wet/dry control). This way, I can save the unit and drop it in anywhere without having to reassign any inputs.

The HPF stops any DC from being amplified inside the feedback loop and causing clipping, and of course it can be set a bit higher to add character.

(EDIT: I should specify, use the Fixed HPF or set resonance to 0 or it’s likely to cause runaway feedback at low frequencies :blush:)


Interesting! I’ll give that one a shot too, looks good!