Tuner unit?

I would find a tuner module very useful! For live performance especially, being able to send the cue output of my Performance Mixer into one of the inputs for frequency/tuning info would be super handy!


+1 on the tuner unit and I would think this has to be in the plan once the “scope” mode comes alive?

Yes please… I would imagine this is fairly low on the list of priorities but if up to me at some point I’d extend this to include general signal analysis of as many types as possible.

I’d never go for a dedicated scope module as I often hook my modular outputs to a high quality desktop oscilloscope and find it incredibly useful, educational and at times … revealing. It can also be very beautiful! But having this as extra functionality in a module I use a lot without it interfering with that operation is pure genius!!

well there is that “scope” toggle position on the front panel. a dedicated module would rad (and if brian doesn’t make one i’m sure someone will when units open up) - but i’d be quite happy to just flip that switch down to scope and have some relevant tuning info presented as well. perhaps you could personalize your scope settings (chromatic, hz, default inputs) and save them out.


When working with samples, you always need a tuner. Especially when you play acoustic instruments alongside the modular, you have to keep them in tune.


I also would love a tuner. I’ve been considering a new Disting since it has the capability, but I’m hoping it can be done on the ER-301.

Just wanted to bump on this module request, sampling and a tuner build a good pair in my opinion. As the inputs allready displays the frequency of the input signal it should not be to complicated?

+1, I’ve been trying to decide on a tuner module, while hoping the ER-301 would at some point add this function. I ended up getting an old Korg WT-12 to save on case space, but a native tuner would still be ideal.

G-strings tuner for Android is my jam.

same thought here… would love to see a tuner!

I’ve not seen @odevices ever comment on this. Is it even possible?

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Definitely possible! It’s a planned addition for the scope.


Yes please! Whenever it’s possible for you, Brian.


+1 :heart_eyes:


wished for this so often!

+1 for a tuner !

+1 for a tuner! Would be great to ditch my o’toole.



I’d also love this feature

I was looking at tuner units today and was like “wait, we should be able to do this with the ER-301”; would be great to do both basic scope tuner as suggested previously, but also something more advanced like a patch through unit to automagically tune things on the fly like the Endorphin.es AutoPilot. Endorphin.es AUTOPILOT introduction - YouTube

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