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Tuner unit?



woah, for a moment I thought that autopilot module does correction of the v/oct response curve (a la silent way), would have been an instabuy. seems it just tunes to A (aka introduces an offset).

+1 for a guitar style tuner in er301


keep in mind the 301 outputs are not DC coupled, so you won’t be able to mod CV and fly it back out.


+1 for this


Yes please tuner!


I’d love to have a tuner unit in my 301. That said, without knowing what else is being considered for future releases, I’m not sure I’d rather have a tuner more than, say, something groundbreaking that @odevices is dreaming up.



Would be perfect!



+1 so I don’t have to buy this


That Noise Engineering module is actually pretty cool, but the problem is that I’m out of space in my live rig.

I was thinking that there is probably a way to make a poor-man’s tuner as a custom unit. I might explore this.


Yes same here - I have limited space in my live setup. I’m pretty sure it can be done somehow using existing units


I think the tuner is at the top of my wish list. :laughing:


i havent tried it yet but if you use a square out of your vcos you might use pulse to hertz to determine the frequency


Tuner still at the top of my wishlist too! Its boring but will seriously streamline my workflow.


+1 actually was just looking at this same NE module…a tuner inside the ER-301 would be great.


+1 vote for this, I’m really intense about keeping everything in tune.

I’ve had reasonable success tuning using pulse to hz, analog oscillators usually have a square out and even rings seems to center around the correct frequency.

Still I can’t remember things so I have no clue what note I’m tuning to lol


I recently got a Graphic VCO from Eric Synths (really nice unit btw), and one of the cool things about it is that in addition to an oscilloscope (just like ER-301) it actually shows you a small readout of the currently played note. It’s been a super useful thing for quickly tuning other voices in a complex patch to match and I was thinking a similar readout on all the various screens where a waveform is displayed on the ER-301 would be super cool.

That plus a calculation to tell you what note the current Hz represents (esp on Oscillator units) would be the bee’s knees.


+1 for tuner. I sold my disting now I can’t tune! No more menus for me EXCEPT BRIAN’S MENUs❤️


+1 for this along with an oscilloscope - the ER-301 is so capable and those features are essential in any modular system.