Turing machine

Hey all,

Just setting up to use the 301 for a live show for the first time. I’m wondering if anyone has got any experience with using Tom F’s Turing unit in this context.

Basically I want a Turing set up on ch 1, driving a FM synth voice on ch2

To get something similar to the Thonk Turing Machine, I’m thinking the best option for getting gates and 1v/Oct out to drive the synth voice would be a combination of the Euclidean unit and the Turing, clocked to the same pulse?

Anyone got any tips on how I’d set this up practically to get the best results and simplicity similar to the hardware Turing?

Would appreciate any help!


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Sounds like you’d want to put the Turing unit in a global chain so you can access it from the channel chains, that’s a good place to keep the clocks as well so they can be shared everywhere


Thanks Tom. Will give that a go.