Two mono in, one stereo out

Apologies if there is an obvious thing I am missing, but:

I would like to set up channels 1 and 2 as a stereo output.
But I would like to use the two inputs (1&2) to accept two different mono signals, which would both be processed by some FX in the stereo chain. Like for example a clocked delay, where both incoming money signals get processed to become a stereo spacialized signal, each routed to the same stereo output on 1&2.

What is the best way to accomplish that?

Basically want to set up the stereo processing for external signals on ch 1&2, and use 3 and 4 for other purposes.

Linking channels 1 & 2 while leaving channels 3 & 4 unlinked doesn’t work for you?

My question is more about managing the assignments of inputs on 1 & 2.
How to have two mono inputs that are being processed essentially as stereo and fed to outputs 1 and 2.

I should add that channel linking only applies to the outputs. The many-to-one architecture of the ER-301 means that it is not necessary to link inputs.

When I assign, one input 1 to one source, and input two to another source, they are sent through the FX as just content on the respective L and R channels.

Now, I’m confused. Isn’t that what you are asking for?

I want the content that is assigned to input one be processed AS IF it was sent to the stereo processor as a stereo signal
and same to be true of a different source sent to input 2, and processed through the same fx processor as if it was sent to both L&R channels.

I am not sure why it is so hard for me to describe this. :roll_eyes:

This is a shot in the dark but what about:

  • link ch1 and ch2
  • insert two mixers
  • in mixer #1 assign in1 to both the L and R source
  • in mixer #2 assign in2 to both the L and R source

I am doing exactly as Brian described and it works like a charm. Bonus pic of one of the mixer channels.


This is the solution that eluded me.
Thank you!


You’re welcome!

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