Two Year Anniversary!

I am not sure on the exact date this forum went public, but I have just received my 2 year anniversary badge. So it must be somewhere close and so…

Happy anniversary O|D @odevices :smiley:

Congratulations on having one of if not the most civil, friendly, interesting, focussed, techy, inspiring, supportive, creative, open, smart, welcoming and downright awesome music tech forums on the interwebs!

It’s very clear to me that the wizard of O|D is not only developing some of the most amazing music production tools ever made in the history of mankind, but is also bringing together an incredible array of like-minded folk on planet earth to share this wonderful journey!



Yes! Happy anniversary @odevices !! Glad to be a part of this!


Congratulations on this achievement. @odevices. That you and your devices are held with such high regard and with unquenched esteem surely you can’t disagree with the sentiment, and, no doubt, there will be a flood now of well wishers to pay respect. Many thanks for these tools…


this is a field recording that would of been offered for consideration, as a potential for inclusion in the next release of card library. however, in light of the global celebrations now taking place to mark the 2nd anniversary of his effort, wisdom and his metal, i would like to present this clip as a birthday cake, of sorts, to Brian, that for those of you .who like feasting, might take a slice and feed your ODevice


Wow. Two years already…that’s kind of scary! :open_mouth:

Thank you x1000!

Really though, you should all give yourselves a pat on the back because this forum would be nothing without all your grassroots energy.


Happy birthday !
I’m new here (and this is my first post) and missed those 2 first years but thanks for the great work and making the looper (& more aka ER301) I’ve been looking for years. :slight_smile:
Mine isn’t here yet but I’ve already leaned a lot reading so thanks for this great community as well.


Woo! Happy solar return everybody :sunny: :sunglasses:

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