Understanding Bias w/ Sampler Slices


I have a sampler player with a sample chopped into 32 slices. By default, the Bias works in a 0 - 1 numbering with 2 decimal places. So for example slice 2 is between 0.16 - 0.46 values in the Bias range.

I’d like to set up the Bias where the number ranges from 1 to 32 - this way I can easily remember what sample belongs to what number. I know how to make the change (inside the Sample player’s Edit Controls menu) but if I set it up to 1 - 32 all that happens is the last slice plays and the Bias value stops working.

Any pointers?

I’ll be honest, I always struggle to understand the scaling of Gain / Bias. It always feels like a little bit of trial and error to get things to map as expected. So any tips / resources around ways to figure out the Math would be super useful.


Would be super-good if when editing the controls, the preview on the right side actually previewed the result of the value changes - rather than just how they will display. X

Have you read the following?


Yeah I have, and this is for CV control of slices right?

What I’m after is clearer manual control - using slices as a sample bank. So let’s say I load up a preset of drum hits, I can learn that slice 16 is a cowbell etc.

Reading the wiki again makes me realise that perhaps slice indexing is always between 0 & 1. Is this the case?

If so, this means if I want to apply some easy math I need to work in units of 10? Eg: 10/50/100 slices rather than the 32 that I currently have?

Yes, that is correct. The bias has to be in the same range because it is the last operation done to the incoming CV before the unit uses the value, as shown by the diagram in the sub display when you have it focused:


first gain is applied then bias is added then on to the unit. In other words, there is no way to change the value after the bias is applied. This is really important to understanding gain/bias.

To do what you want to do, you have to add an extra custom control and then wire it to the slice sub-chain and then use the slice modulation gain to divide it down to between 0 and 1.

Ok, this all makes sense. I’ll try the custom control solution. Thank you!

That worked. I now have a custom control that increments in units of 1 across all the slices and this scales to the actual Sample Slice parameter’s Bias control.

Thanks Brian!!

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