Understanding reset behavior

Hello, I’m trying to make sure I understand how the reset input on the ER-101 works. This is being motivated by my recent purchase of a trigger sequencer to go along side my ER-101/102 combo. My understanding is that when the ER-101 receives a reset trigger, the rising edge of the reset pulse is what notifies the ER-101 that a reset is imminent. But the reset itself does not occur immediately. Instead, the reset occurs on the next rising clock edge from whatever is clocking the ER-101. Additionally, if the reset pulse occurs exactly at the same time as a clock pulse, it is expected the reset won’t occur until the next clock pulse. Is this a correct understanding?

If the reset pulse is within 0.5ms of the last clock pulse, then it is considered to be simultaneous with the clock pulse and the reset is immediate. Otherwise, it waits for the next clock pulse.

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Thanks! Looks like I’m going to need to find a scope to get a better idea of what’s going on. Will report back…