Undo mode?

Ok, sometimes i forgot to save a snapshot and stupidly press delete on the wrong pattern or track… Is there a way to go back?

Unfortunately there is not. There is no more RAM available on the ER-101 to support undo operations (which are very RAM intensive).

Thank you Brian. I will be more careful next time. I guess it’s just a matter of pratice. :slight_smile:

Because we are discussing Undo in another thread – just to make sure: Does this also apply to the ER-102? Or in other words: Would a general Undo function be possible with ER-101+102?

It’s actually a rather complicated question.

Storing undo data in RAM
I think the simple answer is no because both modules utilize about 95% of their available RAM. Since a general undo function could potentially require one to save the entire state (say, when you load a snapshot) that means it is only possible if RAM usage were less than 50%. On the more optimistic side, there is the space reserved for the shadow copy when you are using HOLD mode which could potentially be used for a restricted undo functionality. This space is already being double-utilized by the clipboard functionality though. So, undo information stored this way would disappear when using the COPY button or HOLD mode. I’m not sure such a restricted undo is useful.

Storing undo data on the SD card
This is the best possibility but is somewhat of a major undertaking as there is potential for all of these SD writes (which are notoriously slow) to interfere with the timing of the outputs. I can consider it to see what it would take but please don’t expect it soon (like after you have become so good at the ER-101/102 that you no longer need it, :laughing: ). It’s the kind of change that could potentially affect a lot of existing code so I would expect firmware stability to be adversely impacted for awhile afterwards.

Finally, just in case you are not aware, the ER-102 snapshot slots have infinite undo already since snapshots are never overwritten on the SD card. So each snapshot slot contains all versions that you have ever saved. These older revisions are available from the snapshot screen.


Thanks a lot for answering this rather complicated question in depth, very appreciated!

If it makes things easier: Personally I would be super happy about having an Undo function for the focused track only. You’re right: practicing more would prevent me from wanting an Undo to correct user errors like not paying enough attention if Track or Pattern or Step are in focus.

But I think another type of “user error” will always happen to me, no matter how long I’ll practice: I listen to a fast running sequence and want to change the pitch or duration of one specific note, but then I edit the wrong one and I’m like “Wait, how was it before?”.

Where I miss Undo the most is when I’m applying Random/Jitter Math operations: Being able to randomize parameters of a Pattern and simply undoding this if I don’t like the result would make the ER-101/102 way more playful.

So I take your answer as “Yes, someday, maybe…” – and I’ll keep trying to convince you… :wink:

Just came to say that despite the technical limitations, one level of undo would be nice if it’s achievable. I’ve been using the ER-101 pretty heavily for the past 1+ years and I still manage to accidentally hit delete when I have a pattern focused instead of a step or track :frowning: I suppose the alternative is to get in the habit of saving more often.