Unit: BANDS (please help me understand them?)

Best idea!

though lacking the notion of

by an

would be ‘splitting’. respectively, ‘bands’ could be called ‘splits’, which might
not narrow possible associations to ‘frequency bands’. for this unit is
obviously capable of far more than the usual suspects of multiband
processing :grin:
(i just moved my 6 samplers from a custom unit to respective splits
in a 6 splitter unit…)

on the other hand i am quite fond of the idea

since all the other associations of ‘band’ that do not refer to frequencies
just fit the bill.
just make sure to stretch the stretch in the corresponding documentation, i.e. wiki-entry…

In parallel analogue mastering hardware, these ‘bands’ are usually called ‘busses’. Personally, in the music gear landscape, I’ve only ever seen ‘bands’ relating to eq ranges and multi-band’ compressors so it does come across as unusual as what the unit does vs what I’d initially assume based on the name.

Bus/Buss has not been used in this module for any routing … @odevices what are your thoughts on renaming these units to: “PBus”(x) or “ParaBus”(x) or “Parallel”(x) etc… something driving home the ‘parallel factor’, removing the association with frequency bands. Each slot could literally be called 1,2,3 etc… or user labelled…


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