UNIT DSP Usage Chart or better way to show DSP usage

I think it would be very helpful if there eventually was a chart that shows the DSP usage of each of the units or maybe the DSP percentage could be shown under the name of each unit when you go to load it?
Anyway to make it easy for the user to make a decision on what to do with the available DSP especially when using lots of units would be a welcome addition.
Looking at the current Scope view on a project I have loaded is pretty confusing to me (as I am not a computer programmer and don’t know the jargon that goes with this so much) not sure what a ‘kemel’ is and critical load sounds pretty scary :smile: and then the list in the small window at the bottom I’m not sure of either…
Thinking of other hardware samplers I have used in the past they have made it a lot easier to see what DSP is used and what you have left at a glance - obviously the 301 is much more than just a sampler, but if this could be considered for a possible future update then it would be very helpful!

Agreed. That screen is really just a stop gap.

Kemel is actually Kernel, and no it is not misspelled on the ER-301 :cop: The r and m run into each other with the current font. I actually don’t really like the current font and am still searching for a suitable replacement.

CPU usage stats for individual units (actual and predicted) are available and just need to be added to the UI.


What are some of the attributes you’re looking for in a font? I might be able to help in the search.

Better keming. :smile_cat:



I really appreciate the offer! The majority of the UI is done using a 9 pixel rasterization of the pixelsix TTF.


I’ve had to tweak the kerning on some of the characters by hand, probably because the font was originally vector based. I’ve been leaning towards non-fixed-width fonts since they seem to use the limited space and resolution of the display more efficiently.

There are a few places in the UI where a large-ish font would be nice (especially for numbers). For example, the channel setup screen. However, that has been low priority so I haven’t even started looking at larger fonts yet.

Here’s a pretty large collection of raster fonts:

If you can tell me a little more about your preferences, I can help narrow the list down (or find a different list in a different direction).

:laughing: lol!

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Did you ever find a suitable replacement for the font @odevices?

I really mean to ask if it is likely to change in the foreseeable future.

I am ok with it as it is and I can’t remember any change, if there has been one?

No I haven’t yet. I’ve instead just resorted to individual tweaking of any problematic glyphs.

Sure, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Would these usage stats be able to be published here or added to the wiki in the meanwhile until they are ready to be added to the UI?

Just bumping this as it would be great to have the current DSP usage for the units in the current firmware.