Unit Encapsulation Methods

  1. Since we’re frequently working with groups of units within the Mixer unit it might be useful to have a quick method to group units together within a mixer. Similarly, a quick method of breaking a mixer unit apart into its individual units could be useful. Thoughts?

  2. Aside from Mixer will there be other unit types that encapsulate units?


I’d love to be able to select units and group them to a mixer instead of having to work the other way around. In the workflow, you don’t necessarily anticipate the need of a mixer.


I have also found the need to do this… Now im into a habit of always starting out with a mixer before introducing any other units.

This discussions reminds me that the inclusion of a method to mute a specified unit that is not within a mixer would be very helpful.

My advice would be to save a bunch of mixer presents and name them according to their function blank without any preassigned inputs. That way if you’re just going to have mixer ^ in1 > filter > eq you could just name that preset standard voice mixer, etc. I agree with the desire to name the different mixers as they appear when scrolling through the different mixers.

I would love it if the mixer unit let you give it a name so that you could have a visual cue as to what function you have created it for. Even if it just displayed the preset name.