Unit signal routing?


Is there some way of tapping to, say, a sine wave unit’s signal with another unit? Or can only the four outputs be used for getting audio signals routed internally?

You can create as many global chains as you need and assign them as sources anywhere.

How to create a global chain:

  1. Switch to the admin section.
  2. Dive into the global chains area.
  3. Press the soft button beneath “Add Chain Here” or move the cursor over it with the knob.
  4. Create a mono chain (press S1) or a stereo chain (press S2).
  5. Give it a name…
  6. and press ENTER.
  7. Dive into the newly created chain and populate it with the desired units.

How to assign the output of a global chain to the input of another chain:

  1. Dive into the source selection area (located at the beginning of any chain)

  2. Press S1 twice (once to cycle from Inputs to Locals, again to cycle from Locals to Globals).

  3. Press the soft button underneath the desired global chain’s scope to assign it as a source.

Thanks, that’s great! I’ll have to think about how that affects building patches. For instance, if I have a sound source (i.e. sine wave) that I also want to use as a modulator in another chain, maybe I should place such units in global chains…

Not maybe, definitely! :+1:


Cheers Brian :slight_smile:

Is this the same way you would choose a different output destination for a track? I remember at one point I was able to route all 4 tracks’ output out to a single physical output. I don’t recall if this was done via a global chain or if I physically patched 1->2->3->4 it in a cascaded fashion with mixers. Can I just simply route the output to a different destination in the track config?

You can add a mix unit on a track that takes internal routing of the out on another channel. No cables needed.

I literally remembered around 5min after I posted this :rofl:
Thanks for the reply! Hopefully it’ll help ppl

And just to confirm, if using Global Chains with a patch, the patch utilising a Global Chain will have to be saved as a Quicksave to recall the whole patch including the Global chain and settings otherwise the patch and global chain will have to be loaded separately? eg. The Global Chain isn’t stored with the Channel or Unit preset.

(Patch meaning unit/channel save)

HOPING to clarify and not confuse. :slight_smile:

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That’s right. If you choose to save channel and global chains individually, rather than using Quicksave, I think you’ll need to load the global chains first when recalling so that the references are there when the channel chains load. Quicksave manages that for you.

Yes I thought it was worth clarifying to save some heart ache as it’s caught me out in the past. Also if saving separately, to actually save the Global Chain too, not just the channel/unit preset. :+1:t3:

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