Units requests

I would like to start a thread about units that we would like to see develop by OD in the near future.

For me right now it’s mostly dynamics modules. I know i can build a compressor with VCA and env follower but i much rather have a CPU efficient units.

I would really like to see a Upward and Downward Compressor, a Gate/Expander and a Transient Enhancer added with the next update if at all possible possible.

The possibility of putting these units in multiband containers makes it a pretty rare chance to have multiband dynamic in eurorack!


I would like to eventually see a more lush stereo reverb. It is one of the few effects I need to go to another module for.

We’ll see what OD says but I hear making good sounding reverbs takes years of development.

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While I would love to see that too, I don’t know if that would be the best use of the limited CPU on the 301 and there are already so many wonderful standalone reverbs out there to choose from.


I have a feeling when the SDK becomes available that some user(s) will add some reverbs

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I was thinking of trying my hand at a simple compressor soon, figured it wouldn’t be too complicated. Maybe it’s prudent to include a gate in the same unit just to give it some flavor.


You mean in Lua?

Oh yea at the lua level.

I want to make a shift register in the c++ layer if that ever opens up, since it’s pretty hard to do in the middle layer.


Happy nerding has been cranking them out like there’s no tomorrow for the FX Aid. Idk how many different reverb algos it has but it’s a lot and most of them sound great!

I would like to see a polyphonic (trigged overlapping playback) sampler. I know it’s possible to set something like this up but it’s a pain and not convenient at all. Would be nice to just be a unit.

i also wish there is poly sampler as a unit and wouldn’t it be nice if it is built in v0.6 and is fast and less cpu consuming

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IIRC doesn’t manual grains basically do this?

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Joining in on the multiband dynamics/transient processing/upwards compressor. Just basic components for compression/limiting will handle all of that. There is 0 of that in Eurorack except the XAOC Katowice which is just an EQ/bandsplitter.

Really though it seems like the most challenging units to develop are reverbs since most famous good-sounding algs are owned and licensed and developing new ones is awful.

This is not really a “unit” request per-se, but now that all the default units are open source, I am requesting that someone make the variable speed players polyphonic! Would be so so amazing if you could play multiple playheads/slices with a keyboard all on the same sample buffer. Anyway, just echoing some of the previous posts about this.

I guess we can check this one off the list :wink: https://er301-hub.netlify.app/docs/lojik/register

Nice to see this thread being bumped with the code all open source and some people cranking out fantastic units. I was toying with the idea of including some sort of “bounty hunter” page for units. More as a way to keep track of the communities needs and wishes :thinking:


That’s a cool idea. +1

where could we make requests to the guys that have made packages. [I couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bad :frowning: ]

lojik’s euclidian clock is SICK. and it would be cool if you could set the Beats, Length and Rotate as mod destinations. id like to be directed to a spot where I could make a proper request.

Ha just ask me in the lojik thread :slight_smile: There actually already is mod destinations for beats, length and rotate if you press enter on the circle to go to the sub-view!

you know I had a feeling there was. I was gonna add “if they aren’t already there”

thanks man. appreciate the reply AND the awesome werk. love the package! :+1:t6: :+1:t6: :+1:t6:

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Might already be possible, but pitch detection / tracking from an audio signal would be cool.