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Unofficial Getting Started Videos

Hi All!

While Brian is hard at work with coding wizardry, I thought I’d put these together to help people diving into the ER-301 universe get started. This is originally from the Google Forum - and will update this with additional new content as time marches on.

These are unofficial, unscripted and my ER-301 was running firmware v0.1.5p19 at the time of recording. Newer videos will have the firmware version listed.

I’ll also create more if you guys find them helpful. Just let me know! :slight_smile:




VIDEO 8 and onward, the GUI aesthetic is firmed up all the way to current OS 0.2 stable. Videos 1 to 7 will look slightly different and some menus and parameters may be in different positions. However, signal flow concepts and unit usage are still the same.

Getting started with the ER-301 #1 - General Overview

  • Overview of the GUI
  • General layout and operation
  • Basic Setup
  • Goal: Setting up a chain to process external audio with additional control using external gate and CV
  • Saving/loading a chain preset

Getting started with the ER-301 #2 - Using the 6 Track Recorder and various Units

  • Using the 6 Track Record to record audio
  • Using the Sample Pool
  • Using Mixers
  • Using Sample Player Units with this newly recorded audio to create one-shot sample players
  • Creating and tweaking slices
  • Assigning Triggers to these sample players
  • Adding additional effects

**Getting started with the ER-301 #3 - Creating a Synth Voice with Audio File as an Oscillator **

This video skips the step of recording/loading some files into the Sample pool (checkout video 2)

  • Overview of creating a synth voice using an audio file as an oscillator source
  • adding a VCA
  • adding an ADSR
  • Assigning external Gate CV to trigger the ADSR
  • Assigning external CV to control release time
  • Assigning external CV to control 1v/o pitch control
  • Implementing a vibrato to the pitch control with a VCA controlled by external CV
  • Adding a few additional effects such as clocked delay and quantizer

Getting started with the ER-301 #4 - Sampler / Looper Overview

External Gear used: Sputnik keyboard w/ arpegiator. Pamelas Workout for arp clock and looper reset, Mic source

  • Creating a sample buffer
  • Overview of the sample recorder/ooper
  • Controlling the looper behaviour using an external CV for reset
  • how the dub fader affects overdubbing into the loop
  • the monitoring fader
  • Using another independent track with chain as an audio source
  • Using an external audio source for the loop
  • Running Multiple Loopers synchronized
  • Bonus: Adding an Envelope Follower unit to the arp 1v/o CV to slew the signal

Getting Started with the ER-301 #5 - Creating an Audio Freezer from Scratch

The goal here is to use the Sample Record (Looper) as a “poor man’s Audio Freezer” and demonstrate how a traditional audio effect can be used to manipulate CV signal.

  • Using the Sample Pool
  • Using the Sample Recorder (Looper)
  • Using the Tap Tempo Unit
  • Using the Clocked Delay Unit
  • Assigning external CV sources to control various parameters
  • Running OS v0.1.5p21)
    NOTE: As of OS v0.2.0, you can also achieve various freezing effects using a Looper and a Manual Grains
    **NOTE: as of OS v0.3.x, you can achieve this very easily with momentary Punch mode. Check out Video 37!!

Getting Started with the ER-301 #6 - Building an FM Synth

The goal here is to build a basic FM voice (1 modulator/1 Carrier) with external 1/v octave tracking using available units.

NOTE: A phone call came in and cutoff the last bit of the vid… the only thing i was going to add is you could go to the modulator sin osc. and modulate that with ANOTHER sin osc… and on and on it goes down the rabbit hole! :slight_smile:

  • Using Mixer Channel unit
  • Using the Sine unit
  • Using the VCA unit
  • Using the ADSR unit
  • Using the Offset unit
  • Using the Ladder Filter and Clocked Delay for effect
  • Running OS v0.1.5p22)

Getting Started with the ER-301 #7 - Parallel Audio Processing Hints

The goal here is to use multiple blocks to process signals in Parallel.
Running OS v0.1.5p23)
-NOTE: as of OS v0.1.6prepatch11 you can now choose the audio output from the source menu instead of physically patching an output to an input. Nice!!


VIDEO 8 and onward, the GUI aesthetic is firmed up all the way to current OS .2 stable. Videos 1 to 7 will look slightly different and some menus and parameters may be in different positions. However, signal flow concepts and unit usage are still the same.

Getting Started with the ER-301 #8 - Custom Units Overview

A glimpse of some updates:

  • Bypass
  • Category Filter
  • Custom Units
  • How to add presets to the unit select list
  • Running OS v0.1.6pre11)
    (NOTE: I’m so sorry I was half brain dead in this vid! Agh!)

Getting Started with the ER-301 #9 - Running a Drum ROMpler, Send/Return FX, Custom Units

Running OS v0.1.6pre11

  • creating a master mixer, with independent sources such as a synth and drum rompler running in separate processing tracks/blocks
  • creating an FX return using an external eurorack module
  • integrating a custom unit into the chaos!
  • checking CPU usage
  • saving and recalling a quick saves

Getting Started with the ER-301 #10 - Using an internal Master CV Source

Running OS v0.1.6pre11)
This is a super fast one!

  • Using multiple tracks of the ER-301 with a master internal CV source i.e.: Clock

**Getting Started with the ER-301 #11 - “The Poor Man’s Vocoder”

Running OS v0.1.6pre11

Can a Vocoder be built out of units even if we don’t have bandpass filters? (barely but it sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

  • Modules used: Mixer Channels, Sine Osc, Envelope Follower, EQ, Ladder Filter, Quantizer, Custom Unit, Sample Looper

Getting Started with the ER-301 #12 - Creating Long Envelopes

Running OS v0.1.6pre11)

*How to cheat and make Envelopes longer than the current 1 second limit

NOTE: As of maybe an hour after I made this video, Brian has released a patch upping the timings to 10 seconds for attack, decay and release.!!! :smiley: So this vid is irrelevant for increasing ADSR envelope timing. However, keep in mind you can have some more interesting CV shapes and wiggles recorded… and adjusting the player speed will affect the rate of this CV data!

Getting Started with the ER-301 #13 - Using the Sample Player with prepped audio files

Running OS v0.1.6pre12)

*Using the Sample Player with super-short recordings

Getting Started with the ER-301 #14 - Bringing the Audio Engine to the Brink of Destruction!

Running OS v0.1.6pre12)

*Using the Stress unit to bring the audio engine to the brink of destruction. This probably isn’t all that practical… but it sounds cool!

Getting Started with the ER-301 #15 - Using a Sampler Player and Looper with a SHARED buffer file

Running OS v0.1.6pre13)

*Using a Sampler Player and Sample Looper with a shared buffer file.

**Getting Started with the ER-301 #16 - An example of a Big Complex Patch **

Running OS v0.1.6pre13)

Using all sorts of goodies Simultaneously:

  • Loopers
  • Recorders
  • Synth Bass
  • Synth Arp
  • Keyed Gain Reduction
  • Send/Return to 3rd part Eurorack FX

Getting Started with the ER-301 #17 - Polysynth and Multi-tracking using Loopers

Running OS v0.1.6pre13)

  • Poly Synth
  • Sneaky method of using the Looper! :smiley:
  • Patching signals from multiple channels

Getting Started with the ER-301 #18 - Making and Saving a Utility Unit

Running OS v0.1.6pre13)

This is a super quick one. How to make a basic “utility” unit and have it show up in the Unit list.

Getting Started with the ER-301 #19 - Dynamic Looper Lengths!

Running OS v0.1.6pre13

  • How to dynamically adjust the looper length on the fly in a musical way with nothing more than a gate signal!
  • Apologies for the shakes, I had my KB37 on my living room table and my tripod was on the table

Getting Started with the ER-301 #20! GRAINS!! Woo!!

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #21: More Grains + Special Guest! :smile_cat:


##Getting Started with the ER-301 #22: More Grains

  • Using only the ER-301 with a recorded audio file
  • Units Used: Manual Grains, SIN, Triangle, S&H, Pink Noise, Limiter, Pitched Delay

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #22 (ACTUALLY #23): Grains and Loopers

  • Using the Grains with 2 x Loopers.

-The First Looper is to ‘Grab’ your incoming Audio for a specific period of time
-The Grains the accesses this same audio buffer for manipulation
-The Second Looper is to record (AND Overdub) the results!

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #24) : Perfectly sweeping a Manual Grain Unit’s File Position

  • How to perfectly sweep the sample position within a Manual Grains unit.
    **NOTE: instead of using the OFFSET unit, you can set the start bias to .5 to accomplish the same adjustment

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #25) : Creating a Quickly assignable Unity Mixer

  • Using a Custom Unit

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #26 : Creating a Weird Reverb
*Using a Looper and Grains to create a weird Reverb Effect.
Important: There is a potential for a feedback condition if you set the channel mixer >0db. So in ideal use, you’d want the mixer section fully separate (see note in the diagram).

v.0.2.9 - HINT: the entire processing chain sitting on ch.2 can be realized within a Global Chain, keeping your channels clear for more immediate tasks.

##Getting Started with the ER-301 #27 : Karplus-Strong Fiddles
*Using a Noise burst and a controlled feedback delay line to make some Karplus Strong style sounds

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #28 PART 1 : Custom Units, a Recap.

*a recap of Custom Units and Local Controls.

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #28 PART 2 : Custom Units, Advanced Local Control Routing & a quick talk about Global Chains (near the end)

*overview of an elaborate self-contained processing tool

-Recorder that updates a Grain Players Content
-Grains with linear and random playback mode, pitch control, pitch “Freeze”
-Grains duration control
-Trigger stutter selection with a flip-flop control of that or regular mode… Thanks to @Joe for the framework to make this work!!

All recordable into a Looper with Dub and record control

Mute control of both functions from the front panel of the unit.

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #29 Creating a Harmonic Oscillator in a Custom Unit

*overview of a self-contained harmonic oscillator with maybe one additional bonus :wink:

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #30 Advanced Custom Unit Control

*OS v0.2.13
*Going crazy with Custom controls and local routing
*Step Sequencer with various modes
*each step: Note memorizers, Release envelope, on/off state
*synced delay with wet/dry balance
*speed control
*patch volume control and mute
*Source either Sin or Looper fed Grains with freeze or sample scatter

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #31 - What is a Global Chain?
*OS v0.2.20

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #32 - Doppler Effect
*OS v0.2.20

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #33 - Copy/Cut/Paste/To Mixer Functions + Tap Tempo Fun
*OS v0.2.21

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #34 - Using CV Controlled Offset
*OS v0.2 Stable

##NEW OS!!


OSv0.3.X: VIDEO 35 and onward, the unit select GUI has been changed. However, signal flow concepts and unit usage are still the same.

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #35 Part 1, 2 and 3 - OS0.3.22

I goofed one spot, which is the contextual views are have always been post unit. I was thinking about an related ProTools metering feature that I spent the previous evening teaching at Pro Tools course and mixed them up. Whoops!

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #36

New units explored:

Feedback Looper, Freeverb, Rectify

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #37

Making a clocked Audio Freezer with Division control

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #0.4 #1
*this is for brand new ER-301 users running 0.4.x"

Few comments:

-When I say “track”, these are in fact called “channels”

-Also, sorry about the audio, I’m temporarily setup in my kitchen during some studio re-tinkering. I wasn’t anticipating my camera’s mic being so mediocre.

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #0.4 #2
*this is for Experienced users going over five new features in 0.4 that I feel are super rad"

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #0.4 #3
An Overview of Custom Units, Controls and practical users (as well as BandX units)

PS: Sorry about the edits in this one - many distractions from phone to cat to camera losing power etc… haha!

Note: 42:22ish - the “Mess” is because I removed the previous oscillator, breaking the previous assignment that was feeding OSC2’s Sync input.


Just to thank you because I had seen your videos last month and I found it very good!
Thank you for sharing :+1:

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Big up Neil, these are great! Always nice to see someone else’s approach to things :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for these, Neil. Big help.

Just want to let you know that the link for video #4 goes to video #3.

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed!

@NeilParfitt: thanks for creating these videos; they were what made me take the chance on an ER301. by the time i finished watching the first four tutorials, i felt like i had a pretty good idea of how to operate the 301, and i’ll continue to study them while i await shipment. the 301’s UI resembles my old MPC1000: 1 knob, lots of buttons, most functions not too many levels deep. doing anything on the unit seems to be just like adding devices and nested chains within ableton, or on Push. the signal flow and order of operation seem pretty straightforward, as long as i remember how deep i am into a set of units.

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Finally got found to watching 6 & 7

The FM example is particularly enlightening - I’m a huge fan of FM sounds and being able to construct FM synthesis in this manner is very exciting - thank you!!

As a side note, without distracting from my enjoyment of your efforts in any way, please consider putting a screw or two in your keyboard, I was having mild panic attacks every time it fell out of the rack :smiley:


I’m getting rid of the Sputnik. There’s a bug where the module crashes if the arpegiator is running and set to external clock… and it kept happening when making those videos to the point where it was driving me crazy and needed to routinly pull the power ribbon. I didn’t want to have to keep cycling power on my entire rig :confounded:

I have a Waldorf keyboard coming and the 301 will sit in that nicely :slight_smile:

I’m beyond disappointed in the Sputnik, as they have not once returned an email from me.

That’s a shame, looks very nice otherwise hey!

Hope the new Waldorf works out better :slight_smile:

I’m super excited! It’ll be a portable powerhouse and will make it easier to travel around with my favourite modules :slight_smile:

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@NeilParfitt Just a warning about the Waldorf: It’s heavy. Oh and for some reason the headphone amplifier doesn’t seem to be designed for eurorack levels because the knob goes linearly from 0x to 2x gain which means you blow your headphones up after about 10-degrees of rotation.

Otherwise, I love it.


oh man - that’s good to know! Have you contacted them about it? That’s a scary thing.

I did send them an email about a month ago, with oscilloscope measurements (haha) but no reply yet. I should follow up. I’d imagine it’s a pretty easy fix.

Video #8 is posted! :checkered_flag:


Thanks Neil! Your demos are really helpful. Keep 'em coming!

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Hi Neil,

Loving videos 6-8, especially number 8 explaining the Custom unit.

I haven’t had the time to look into the new Custom unit and so I was a bit ‘what is this thing???’ - with your excellent explanation & demo it means I can completely rework my E340 cloud generator emulation and have all the main controls as the local controls for the patch… and the point you make about having made a complicated patch with certain inputs and then those inputs change is exactly the problem I had - this completely solves the problem :grinning::+1:t2:

Great work!!

And of course hats off to Brian :wink:


Thanks man!

Actually I was thinking of your Cloud patch when talking about it! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention in the vid, that yes although it tells you what sources were being used, the fact you can re-assign them quickly is tremendous because chances are, youll be working on something new, add in the custom unit, and the previously used sources might be occupied for something completely different.

Curious to see your implementation of the cloud using the custom unit!

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Thanks for these, Neil :smile: They helped me decide to take the plunge.

As I’m anticipating ER-301 delivery this coming weekend, it’s time to wonder which OS will be installed, or which one I should install, and which, if not all, of the videos are relevant. It’s been hard, without actual module, to keep track of changes, etc.

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I’m thinking I will put the latest patch of v0.1.6pre on yours.