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That’s a very valid point of course! I feel while some of things I’ve come up with are on the brink of unpractical, at the same time they open the cobwebs of my brain for general signal flow / problem solving and coming up with methods to manipulate CV and sound. And oddly, it’s made me approach my full modular system as a whole more efficiently - as many ideas can be ‘prototyped’ on the 301 faster than patching could ever be! :open_mouth:


I agree: would love this feature.
AND/OR a general set and paste for units.


Added as of 0.2.20!! :slight_smile: - with an added bonus of an option to cut and paste a selection into a new Mixer!


Video 31 is up. A quick one on Global Chains.


Video #32 up…


Video #33 is up!

Cut/Copy/Paste/to Mixer Functions + some Tap Tempo Fun!




awesome, thanks Neil


Brilliant video, paired up with a brilliant new set of features!


aces NP! bye bye peak :joy:


sensei neil, any idea why my sine in the global parameters isn’t tracking every note with an external cv pitch control within the tap? its only triggering a pitch shift every octave - all the notes aren’t tracking on my keyboard… :pray:t2:


yeah just noticed that too. I asked Brian a few questions in the 0.2.X thread and did some extensive testing to figure out when it changed.



Video 34 is up!

##**Getting Started with the ER-301 #34 - Using CV Controlled Offset


@NeilParfitt nice video! Really liked the use of Track & hold to freeze the position of the grain.


Great vid as always Fella, thanks :slight_smile: Think the start/end trick is very smart, can imagine it working great with metallic sounds and turning them into odd drawn out spectra.

But one thing I can’t get my head around, why modulate an offset? Isn’t the offset and the thing modulating it effectively the same thing, e.g. a voltage/value? Isn’t an offset controlled by a voltage the same as the voltage being mixed into a signal chain? Suppose it could save on units, if you wanted to add bias and a voltage control but then most of the things to control already have bias and modulation gain amount. ??


True - you could use mixers and such to add in an offset CV signal. For me, it just felt cleaner doing it this way as it was easier to see what was going on :slight_smile:, and also eliminated using extra channel mixers and additional nested signal chains.


Yeah that makes sense, less nesting. :slight_smile: Glad I asked. You can get one tracked with thoughts and seeing another reason/method can help you break them, thanks again. :slight_smile:


@NeilParfitt for some reason I had a hard time following this one - need to rewatch. Thanks for sharing as always :heart: