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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



It’s all my fault! Heh … I think I could have explained this one better.


Wiki page with all of Neil’s videos is up-to-date now.



Oh nice! Thanks for updating that!


Video #35 part 1 2 3 is up for OS0.3.X !

Sorry for the super long delay!

This video is aimed for new users, outlining the OS GUI changes.


Awesome, not watched it yet - but really god to see you back on the case with these - the changes since you made the early ones are huge!


Excited to check them out. Thanks @NeilParfitt!


glad to have more of these!
due to the great documentation on the wiki those are
still the easiest and most entertaining way to look certain things up.




Thanks for this one :wink: i’m happy you’re back :slight_smile:


Thanks Neil,

Although the ER-301 is super intuitive for the most part, your videos were extremely helpful in getting me started (both with the ER-301 and in regards to broader modular synthesis understandings!)


Neil is back! :smiley:


Yeah nice one Neil!


Welcome back @NeilParfitt! Thanks for the latest ones, hope you find time for more :pray:t2::black_heart:


yep! Rampage is released! I’m down to 2 jobs instead of 3. There’s time in the schedule again!


Video #36 is up!


Great stuff, Neil. Very inspiring! Glad to see you replaced your tripod too! :wink:


thx!! Yes I finally found the tripod!!


Thanks Neil, as Joe said, very inspiring!


Just watched 35 + 36 and am reminded how much I love these. Thanks @NeilParfitt!


@NeilParfitt miss you man! what are the odds of you doing some more videos on the newer features like the quantizer?