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Unofficial Getting Started Videos




Even if I feel like I already understand what you’re covering, you always do or say something that inspires me to try something new or differently. And that almost always works out well! :slight_smile:




+3 (4 characters of +3)


+4 and 5 too.



Hah! Awe! Looks like I have no choice now!

Actually, I was indeed planning some more, but work had been a little relentless since returning from vacation. Soon though!!

I’m also waiting to see when .4 drops, just in case it’s mega!


+a lot for new videos, Neil! Always super inspiring.

Concerning firmware upgrade, is there an official 0.4 excitement and rumours thread somewhere? I’m wondering if it will be soonish…


nothing yet!


Vid 37 is up! @sisyphus69

Minor sidenotes:
-The Tap tempo isn’t a new unit (as i say) - but the ability to CV control the multiple/divisions are
-I chose an Envelope follower even though I said ‘Slew Limiter’. But, because it’s a gate signal being processed, the required result was the same.


Thanks as always for taking the time to share your tips and tricks with us, @NeilParfitt! Really enjoyed this one.


Thanks @Joe!


Hey all!

Take a boo at this:

Just trying to up the visual and audio - so this is the first ‘non-phone’ test.

How’s everyone feeling about:

-the overall video’s audio level
-balance between 301 and my voice
-sidechaining speed on the 301 audio

Pre-amp wise, this is a cwejman AP-1. It sounds pretty good, but a hair clamped on transients as it has an integrated compressor… so i’ll probably switch to an actual outboard Aurora Audio pre-amp for next time.

So imagine my voice quality now, but even better. You’ll hear my cells! :slight_smile:

All criticism welcome before I lock into a formula!



Wow. You have a Neumann U89?! :crazy_face:

It’s almost too good now. Haha.

Oh and I was really confused by how you were getting a stereo signal out when you only have one channel patched but then at the end you explained that you used the internal recorder. :laughing:

I think it is ‘sh-vay-men’.


Didn’t you see the I/O blinking all crazy or were you too entranced by my angelic voice? :smile:

Ya vintage! I think it’s from 1983. It was supposed to replace the U87. I have a vintage U87 as well and they literally sound identical other than the slight midrange bump on the 87. But because 89 didn’t take off, you can find them used on the cheap!

I actually got the U87 in your neck of the woods last July! On the top floor of Nakano Broadway there’s this store selling new and vintage gear. 2 Grand! (They’re almost 5 grand here!)


Fixed that for you.



Excellent - really looking forward to your next video now :wink: :smiley:


The phone you used before actually did a decent job, but now it looks and sounds next level!

You filming at 1080 or 4K?

Edit: Watched again on the big screen with surround sound and the difference is even more pronounced. The side chain ducking on the voice track is a nice touch. Sounds like you got the balance right to me.


Somebody already pointed it out on Youtube, but if you could cool off your white balance so the image wasn’t so warm I think you’d get better color output.


Yeah, great point!

For the X100F, the procedure is:

In other words, just put a white paper in front of your 301 (to match the lighting of the actual shot) and do the above.