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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



1080p / 23.976fps


Great idea! I’ll do this and also remember to turn off the ‘vivid’ colour filter :smiley:


the mic sounds awesome but i also think the ap-1 is doing a really great job, don’t have that much to compare to however but having the signal already inside eurorack is a plus too i think. and isn’t it possible to bypass the integrated compressor on the ap-1?


I always thought the video out of the original x100 got a bad rap, I found it really quite nice straight out of the camera. Looks great (with the aforementioned colour cast taken into consideration) and more importantly sounds great!

Look forward to more. :grin:


Ah, the artsy film frame rate. :slight_smile: I watched it on a 65" display and it looked good to me. Probably some good ideas about setting white balance, which I think I’ll take under advisement too!


First time to say thanks. I began my 301 journey a few weeks ago and have just got through these. They have been invaluable thank you!!!


Likewise, @NeilParfitt your series is the reason I’ve bought a 301 after over a year of handwringing over it. Now while I wait for mine to ship, I’m rewatching them as a form of expectant study.


Heh, I did the same waiting for mine. :wink:

It does help with hitting the ground running. As well as making the wait a little easier.


isn’t 24fps the (artsy) film frame rate and 23.976 is the tv standard?
sorry to derail the thread i should know anyway i had that in scool…:slightly_frowning_face:


Oh, you might be right. 30 and 60 seem to be the HD standard choices but maybe 23.976 is NTSC or something?


24fps is true old school film
23.976 is the standard frame-rate for “HD” broadcast and most movies not shot in 4k. Even then, working copies are still usually transcoded down to 23.976.

I can tell you, I DONT miss working with NTSC pre-HD video. It was the days of drop, non drop, pull-up, pull-down hell! :slight_smile:


i remember the PAL days here…
NTSC: Never The Same Color
PAL: Perfection At Last
oh well, i better stop now :smile:


Have to say, I watched one of Neil’s videos on Friday about setting up a looper (I just received my er301 last week and was about to embark on my first patch). Needless to say I was able to come up with a decent patch in about 10mins. I think the modules workflow just clicked for me, so excited to explore and learn more! What a module :slight_smile:

Thanks Neil, looking forward to checking out more of your videos to get deeper with this crazy module.

Ypsi Kid


My delicately balanced diet of bacon, cheese, chocolate, coffee, and Neil Parfitt ER-301 videos is starting to feel a bit out of whack. Just sayin’. :joy:


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Probably good advice. Trying to sub in Doritos was just not working!


Have you tried making a Doritos Custom Unit?


I had no plans of it, but we might be able to talk @hyena into making Cracka! :wink:


I’ll get there!!! Sorry for being a slacker!!! :smiley: :smiley: