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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



New Video up!!

*this is for brand new ER-301 users running 0.4.x"

Few comments:

-When I say “track”, these are in fact called “channels”

-Also, sorry about the audio, I’m temporarily setup in my kitchen during some studio re-tinkering. I wasn’t anticipating my camera’s mic being so mediocre.

-44:44ish with the local assign: It’s a birds-eye view of everything relating to the Channel you’re working within, not the entire system.


It is getting better and better. Waiting for the #2 video :popcorn:


As someone receiving their ER-301 mid-November, this is just awesome. Perfect timing!


Thanks Neil, Great work! My 301 is currently shipping so watching your videos to get off to a swift start.


Woo! Looking forward to these again. Thanks, Neil!


thanks @NeilParfitt!!! great to see you back on this task!!!


I think both our ER301’s are from the same batch … Mine is also expected by mid november, so I guess they will be brothers in law … :grinning:


Now we have to collab on the ER-301 Noob EP :wink:


I needed this! Thank you @NeilParfitt.


New Vid up for more experienced users!

(3:09 I meant to say A1)


The sounds out of that cat module are incredibly realistic :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good video. Quite a few things I sort of knew but they weren’t part of my repertoire yet. For me the nice thing about these videos for me is that I’m not in control of the unit. I just have to sit there and watch someone else do the wiggling and learn from it, haha. If I’m in control I get distracted by the patch and the sound I’m making and it gets complex very easily without actually learning the new features properly. Keep 'em coming!


I kept looking around to see which of my cats wanted something. Oh.

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been so slammed at work lately and haven’t really had time to absorb the new stuff, and now I’m really excited to dig in.


Indeed Neil, thanks a million for your videos, that are extremely helpful man! And I don’t think anyone minds the cats :slight_smile:


I like the videos so much still haven’t finished the first one let alone touch my euro in days. But I reslly like these and I’m ok with cats.


Love cats


Thanks for the 0.4 - #2 video @NeilParfitt - great stuff! Your opening comments about how the ER-301 is already so awesome, and then Brian releases a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t know we couldn’t live without really resonated with me.

When I got mine it came loaded with firmware 0.1 stable. Amazing to think how far it’s come, and just how much more capable it is today. And there’s still more to come!


0.1! I have to dig through the forum and figure out when I got mine


first post here i think!
Thanks for putting these up @NeilParfitt !!
Really it’s your videos and the activity of the people on this forum developing and sharing information that sold me this module! It seemed great on its own but the enthusiasm around it really pushed me over the edge… I’ve got one on the way and i can’t wait to get stuck into it so cheers everybody!


Thanks @NeilParfitt, limited time available to me at the moment to investigate 0.4xx so your videos really (as ever) helpful.