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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



Or a cowbell :bell:


sheesh! just a little bit of patching and you can model all these things like a boss.


I did do real cheek pops!!


@NeilParfitt thanks for putting these videos together - I’ve been away for a bit and it’s really helpful in catching up on what’s new in 0.4.x

One thing I’m struggling with is understanding bespoke vs custom units. What’s the difference, and how should I install and load *.unit files for 0.4.x that others have shared on the forum?

Thanks in advance for the help!


I think I’ve answered my own question :slight_smile:, but anyone feel free to correct me if I’m off base …

Bespoke units are units created using the Middle Layer SDK (separate thread) and are installed as .lua files in the lib directory. They’ll appear as their own units when inserting a new unit.

*.unit files are Custom unit presets which probably should live in ER-301/0.4/presets. Add a Custom unit to a chain and load preset to use.


This is correct! :+1: