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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



Going to rework it today - and add the panning suggestion you made too a while back. I’ll keep you posted :+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue:


Brian, please do so. That would help me understand what’s being said about it, and possibly contribute.


The core operation and concepts are pretty much the same right from the first video to current. Over time, more units have been added and i’ve talked about most of them.

There are some slight operational changes - i.e.: file browser, 6 track recorder and some additional parameters in various units, but honestly, it should be easier and obvious of what to do as Brian has added some great little GUI hints and pop-up feedback depending on what you’re doing.

That’s my long-winded way of saying I don’t feel the earlier videos are too old to be relevant :blush:


Great! Thanks clarifying, Kei.


Definitely helped clarify the custom unit for me Neil thanks a lot. Your brain meltdowns were really funny BTW! Reminded me of me :smiley:


Thanks Neil - video 8 was great! I haven’t updated to the newer firmwares yet, so it was great to see it in action. Looking forward to updating once some of the newer units start showing up :slight_smile:


thanks for vid 8, been reading about all the custom stuff, nice to see it in action.


your video’s help immeasurably!!.. Custom Unit truly starting to unlock the 301 into head spinning potential. Awesome work and also appreciate your constant testing/feedback for the rest of us slower adopters!! :))


@vcoadsr I was just trying your patch the other day - what a beast! :smile: I almost gave up trying to set it up.

@NeilParfitt - thanks for covering this new custom unit. I’ve left my ER-301 running 1.5 for a while since I don’t want to rewire my brain too much, so these videos have been helping me keep up to date with the changes.


Video #9 and #10 posted! :gift:


Lol, so I made a new version using the custom unit last night, should be a lot easier for people to interact with. Rather than clutter up this thread I’ll start a new one called Custom Unit user patches tonight and add the unit there.


Liking the new videos 9/10 the send return is a great idea - thanks for that!!! :slight_smile:


thanks for the new video @NeilParfitt! i’ve been holding off on v1.6 and it’s nice to see the updates and learn how the custom unit works ahead of time.


Just briefly wanted to say thank you for these videos! Couldn’t be more valuable to me!


@NeilParfitt Thanks for the great video explaining the custom unit! :wink: I haven’t had the time to watch many others yet and was wondering if you covered the track and hold unit in any of them? I’m not sure what this could be used for so would be great to see your easy to understand demo of it if you have one?



I haven’t done track and hold but I think I’ve done sample and hold. Let me ponder and come up with something


I believe aftertouch can be thought of as a track-and-hold type of effect. Another way to think of the difference is that sample-and-hold is driven by signal edges while track-and-hold is driven by signal level.


That would be awesome Neil :wink:


Not sure what the application would be but want to learn for sure!


I have an idea - I’ll make a vid tomorrow afternoon (technically today) :slight_smile: