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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



Nice one Neil :wink:


Neil, something’s happened to Video #7. The YouTube page says, “No videos were found.”

Is anyone else experiencing this?


The link is not working correctly but video #7 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOzcEAnngLc


Fixed. Whoops!


Vid 11 and 12 up!


Vid 13 is up! :birthday:


11 is hilarious - thank you :joy_cat:

Nice new keyboard!!!


I LOVE it!!

I’ll be set once there’s a verb algorithm… then i can bring this board with the 301 and AP1 pre-amp module almost anywhere and just build sounds forever!


That vocoder video cracked me up, Neil. Priceless.

FYI, you shouldn’t need to put a VCA after the SIN OSC because it has a VCA builtin.


Right!! Why did I not think of that. Thanks!

My plan at somepoint is to record my cat. She’s very VERY VERRRRY vocal. I think it’s an asian bengal trait. I’ll build a song completely out her vocalizations only using the 301… and it won’t be a joke track.

I wonder if it’s possible?!! :slight_smile: #lifegoals

It must be so weird watching these vids as the designer/mastermind!


Thinking of getting a kb37. Do you have any suggestions on cases?

“AP1 pre-amp module” = API 512c Mic Pre?


Song title/content: “My Home” :smile:


Probably the Cwejman AP-1:


Ah. That makes sense.


13 is an excellent example of what this is capable of - nice work!!


I assure you that weird is too simplistic of a word to describe the feelings. :joy_cat::scream_cat:


Something internal like… “WHAT HAS HE DONE TO MY BABY???”

Cue the stress Unit 100%!


The ER-301 “experience” at this particular stage of its development is quite likely unprecedented in the history of musical instruments. As the creator fashions his creation, he welcomes its beneficiaries into his mind.


This will definitely need a custom case… or foam that properly straddles the upper most part of the machine as well as the lower left and right side of the keyboard caps. I wouldn’t want foam pressing into the knobs or euro gear.


Thanks. So, you will either search for someone who is building custom cases, or ask someone to do so. (Unless you are a custom-case builder :slight_smile:)