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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



I only know how to make ridiculous eurorack cases :wink:

I’d have a custom hard-shell case made. There’s a company local to Toronto called Stagemaster that can make cases to any spec.


Excellent info! Thanks.


As promised here’s the link to the custom unit thread: Custom Units - User patches


Video #15 is posted: using a Sample Looper and a Sample Player, sharing the same buffer file :slight_smile:


Great work Neil, appreciate these!


Vid #16 is up!

Using all sorts of goodies Simultaneously:

  • Loopers
  • Recorders
  • Synth Bass
  • Synth Arp
  • Keyed Gain Reduction
  • Send/Return to 3rd part Eurorack FX


Hi Neil,

In video #8 you showed some custom units in the unit browser. How did you save the custom units in that browser list? I can’t figure it out…


Save the preset file in the “chooser” folder


Thanks Neil!!!


Watching your videos is one of the highlights of my day, Neil. I make a point not to watch them here in the workshop and instead drag a laptop over to a nearby cafe, order a cup of coffee, and only once I’m cozy, taken a few sips, do I press the play button. That way I get a break but I still feel like I’m being productive. Win-win!

P.S. I thought your ER-301 crashed at the end of this video but looks like the quicksave eventually finished. I guess I have a thread starvation issue with the quicksaves when audio processing is heavily loaded.


Wow Neil - I Ghost for a month and you nearly double your videos! :pray:t2:


Thanks Brian! Means a lot!

Re: quicksave, yes it did take longer than usual, but the save was successful. The speed appears to be relative to the CPU load.

Off topic, I mailed waldorf over a week ago about the headphones and a few things… no response!


I really should send a message to this topic:

Watched all your videos, at least twice, Neil. I have a creeping suspicion I’ll be re-watching them many times more before July 14th is upon us.

Thanks, it really helped me understand this great module – and a couple of new things about synthesis, for that matter.


Heya! Just posted vid #17 and #18

I’m really stoked about #17!! @odevices, there’s a little kudos to Japan in there :wink:


Wow, Neil! #17 is exactly how I plan to layer with the Er301 using my phonogenes. Wasn’t sure exactly how that would work until now. Great job performing and more importantly, demonstrating how to correct performance errors. Seriously nice work.


Catching up with these now and just got to video #16 where you do the send from the mono synth on channel 3 and return it, via the reverb, to your stereo channels 1 & 2 on inputs C2/3.

I hadn’t quite connected all the dots on how to make that stereo return - so this was a real epiphany moment & super helpful :smiley:

It’s triggered all kinds of ideas so thank you once again!!


Neil your videos are so great, thank you for that. And the #17 is pure genious.


Thanks for making these, @NeilParfitt!

I’m only a handful of videos into the series, but I want to give a heads up that your YouTube playlist is out of order. Not a biggie, but having them all in order would make playing them from top to bottom more seamless.


Oh, and it looks like although video #7 is linked from this page, it’s missing from the playlist.


Holy guacamole. That was kick-ass Neil! It never occurred to me to put a bunch of loopers in mixers and use them to multi-track. :heart_eyes_cat:x1000

Isn’t that song from one of the later Super Marios…3 perhaps?