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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



It’s one of the level Dittis from super famicon/Super Nintendo Mario world when the level auto advances you forward :slight_smile: . Koji Kondo!

Do you think you’ll ever implement a momentary option for punch mode? That would be so awesome for timed stutter overlays and dropping ina an out of record while holding and then releasing buttons ie: trigger riot



That explains it! After Super Mario 3, my knowledge turns sketchy.


It’s already implemented. I just don’t know how to expose the option yet…


Thanks @fourhexagons,



Hi Neil

Quick question/request - do you think you could append to the title of your videos the general topic of each??
And put a single summary sentence at the very top of the info box too?

Now that you’ve made so many I’m having trouble referring back to ones of interest.

No worries if not as I guess it is a bit of a pain to edit them all.

Cheers, Phil


+1 for this, times for the topic would be very helpful too!

We could probably do this as a little community effort!?

Edit; or maybe some patch notes, i.e. very brief descriptions of the setups, tips, tricks.


There is this concept of a wiki post in discourse by the way. I’ve never tried it but supposedly a wiki post is simply a post that can be edited by anyone.

I’m not sure why only moderators/admins can create wiki posts though…or maybe they can?


Hrmm yes I could append the title and just shuffle around the description order :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your afford to bring the ER-301 better understandable.
I hope with this comments you will do much more of this video series :wink:


I had spotted the wiki functionality and thought oooh… that’s interesting! I’ve never tried it though… I guess there’s only one way to find out!! I’ll do some reading and maybe try something :slight_smile:

I am definitely much more of a reader type learner. I have a confession to make - tutorial videos are one of my pet hates hehe :smile:

Which only stands as praise for your videos even more @NeilParfitt - I am really enjoying them, obviously the content is of great interest, but I think it’s the pace and entertaining delivery that has encouraged me to watch them all!


Thanks all!

I’ve since updated the Youtube Video Titles with broad stroke descriptions and re-organized the playlist order.


What a star!!!

Many thanks Neil - this is a massive help as an ongoing learning resource :smiley:


I seem to remember a section of one video that showed how to turn a gate into a trigger, I’ve been using a tap tempo unit, which works, but it’s not without it’s issues, i.e. the trigger is still generated after the gates stop coming. I’m probably missing something obvious heh!

Which video was this in? Don’t really want to watch them all again to find it right now :slight_smile:

Or is there a better way to achieve this?


I think it was the audio freezer video. Prettt sure I was using the tap tempo feeding a tempo delay to get super smaller retriggers… and I think it was an adjustment of that width parameter to do that.

But, as you’ve run into, it’ll keep going.


Ahh yes - that sounds familiar and it’s the way I am doing it too! Thank you most kindly :slight_smile:

I’m looking for super short envelopes but with full velocity, this only seems possible with a trigger, for obvious reasons.

As it happens the ER-101 can output triggers and I’d forgotten abut this until a short while ago, so in the interim this is no longer an issue. In the long run I would imagine gate to trigger and trigger to gate units would be quite popular :smiley:


What about creating a one slice sample player with a gate pulse.

Cv control of speed is essentially the width and this sample player could be your gate trigger source.

You could even go as far as:

Custom unit:

Custom control Gate in: sample player with pulse (with cv control of speed)… assigned to local gate.

And then anything you need could use it :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea - nice one :rocket:


This video series is ace! I have a much better feel for what the ER-301 is capable of after watching them. Just wanted to add my thanks for the time that’s gone into them. Really a very fun and entertaining watch!



Video #19 is up!

*How to dynamically adjust the looper length on the fly in a musical way with nothing more than an external gate signal!

Video link is in the first post :slight_smile: