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Love it! In fact it might be worth making a timing unit that does exactly this but without the overhead of a looper. And when named chains are in place you won’t need to use one of the outputs.

BTW, I believe you can drop the 1kHz SIN and just use an ADSR (in AD mode) in its place?


Ooh that would be cool! I’d be all over a unit like that :slight_smile:

great suggestion with the AD, I was thinking too literal with sound when it could have been CV :slight_smile:


Thank you again Neil for your videos, the #19 is amazing.


Waait a sec. Have you mentioned this before?? Is a named chain going to be a tappable source anywhere else in the system aka the Global sources!!!??? :astonished:


I’ve mentioned it many times which has probably made you go numb and forget about it. haha.


I’ve been delirious lately. :cry:


Yay, new Neil Parfitt video!


19 is really cool - thank you!

I really like this idea of recording CV, and this is a very clever application. Not sure what I have in my rack that can generate gates based on button presses like that though! Will have to have a think :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed #19 - really useful technique. These videos are also helping to pacify me until my unit makes its way into Brian’s build queue. Thanks to your videos, I’ll be able to really hit the ground running when it arrives.


Another interesting thing that could be done is feeding that master pulse to tap tempo units - then you could change the length of some of all loops on the fly based on controlling the size of the subdivision.


moved to top post.


Loving video #21 - so if you wanted to apply the granular unit on the fly to incoming audio you’d have the sampler/looper permanently recording & the granular unit accessing the same buffer that was being constantly overwritten?


You got it!


Thanks - That’s tonight covered :smile_cat:


Every ER-301 should come with a kitten in the wooden box :wink:

Great demo Neil. Thanks so much for all your videos. Scary satanic sounds there in #21. Almost like a sax / trumpet at the end! What a great unit the Manual Grains is :recycle:


Wow… this is off the charts!! Thanks for these @NeilParfitt :smiley:

I was so tired last night I fell asleep so haven’t played with it yet, but oh my!!!


Hehe! I should probably make note that I don’t abuse my cat, she’s an Asian Bengal so her meows are always SUPER LOUD :face_with_head_bandage::dizzy_face:


Somehow with modular it always comes back to cats, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Great video - thank you!


I installed new Ladik modules in the machine last night after getting back from seeing Kedi. It felt like a complete night. I would recommend it to modular users who are in the large Venn overlap with cat lovers.


Vid 22 posted and I also re-organized the first thread so all the videos are displayed within the post compared to before when you had to leave the forum.