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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



Nice patch there. At a few places made me think of that moment in the movie when you become aware, before the actor does, that something unfortunate is going to happen to him or her. :slight_smile:

What was the bowed instrument that you sampled?


Is there anyway we can hear the a direct recording of the video 22 patch? Or does it belong to the client?


It was a bowed Ukelin. I can’t post the file directly but i could video a snippet of it playing raw.


Neil what are the odds of you doing some ER101 videos?


That’d be §sultry!


Hrmm… currently low, but I’m thinking about it.


that would be incredible man!


I know you said this was covered by the manual and the official video, and for sure, they’re great… but I would really like to see you do a series your way anyway!


+1 for some more 101/102 vids
I do appreciate making vids takes a lot of time though.


+1 for some more 101/102 vids
I do appreciate making vids takes a lot of time though.



It’s starting to feel like it’s time for the “NeilParfitt Unofficial ER-101/102 Getting Started Videos” forum thread :slight_smile:

Your enthusiasm and focus on a narrow aspect that teaches enough for the viewer to have a new deep dive angle and experiment with something they themselves may not have considered is one of the great strengths in your tutorials. With the ER-301, ER-101/102, and Control Forge representing some of the most complex Eurorack modules some of us have encountered, the quicker and more familiar a broader range of people can become accustomed to these new kinds of tools the better the possibility that there will be greater demand and thus support for their creators. So in a sense you are adding to the demand for a world filled with more Brian’s.


Nooo!!! Here I am, nice and content, not owning an ER-101/102, almost perfectly ignorant to the notion that I want to have them in my case. @NeilParfitt videos would almost surely destroy my ignorant bliss around that. :slight_smile:


Neil Video 21 is so incredible, i just cant find Words for this, a Dream come true, this is Reaktor/Max like Granular Power in real Modular World,
i have goosebumps, can you explain the Patch in Detail ? pretty please with sugar on top (-:




Hey man! Thx!

I don’t think I left anything out when going over it?

Which part?


Video #23 and #24 up!


Very nice, I’ve been dreaming of a *gene setup for a while and this s pretty darn close!!

Top work :smiley_cat:

Aside: That looks/sounds like a very nice singing bowl! I have a very old one I spent years looking for and play it every day!!! Like this post if you have a singing bowl too :smiley:


Just a comment on Video #24:

The additional OFFSET unit (inserted at 4:46) was not necessary because the start parameter has a builtin bias (aka offset) that you can use. In other words, just set the start bias to 0.5 to get the saw in the middle of the 0 to 1 range.


Aha! It’s funny because yesterday evening in the moment I was thinking “hrmm… this worked before without having to do add this”




Funny story about the bowls…

So a friend told me a Tibetan store was going out of business and their bowls were all on sale. So I went down there and bought three and saved $250!! (I got a small, medium and large!).

As I was leaving, I ran over a nail and blew out the back tire on my motorcycle and it ended up costing $250 to replace. Gah!!



However, it wouldn’t have sounded as good if you were rubbing a motorbike wheel in that video :slight_smile:

Absolutely loved that vid. Really shows off that the er301 is really only limited by creativity and imagination, of which you clearly have an abundance of both!