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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



Vid 25 up!


didn’t see the vid the new yet but i assume it again will be worth to add to your getting started playlist (pretty please), which i consider a pretty rich source! thanks for your joy and efforts!


Weird - it always messes up when I upload from my phone. I’ll fix it from my laptop. However, all the links are always posted on the first post of this thread just in case :blush:


Video 26 is posted! Weirdo Reverb!! :slight_smile:


I was think last evening if it might be possible to create something like the Zvex Lo-fi Junky with units on the 301?


Hmm. Interesting thought. There’s at least vibrato, compression and filtering going on in the junky. Great module.


This one is so creative !


This instantly reminded me of the intro to The Orb’s Towers of Dub

Top work :smiley:


Great vid Neil - looking forward to trying this one out!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Agreed. You are getting scarily good at this, Neil.




Thanks all! :heart_eyes:


Another fantastic video, Neil. Brilliant! Thank you!

It always makes me laugh a little when you build a patch and refer to it as a “poor man’s” something or other while sitting in front of a $900 Eurorack module. The irony is not lost on me. :slight_smile:

One really neat part about watching your videos is seeing someone who is really familiar with the UI, and just how fast you can move through it and make things happen! It’s like an idea pops into your head, and seconds later it is working in your patch just like you imagined it. Have to credit @odevices there - this UI design looks to be designed to work at the speed of thought. So excited to get my hands on one.


Hah! I guess that’s true! :slight_smile:


Vid 27 is up!


Thanks for getting me my Getting Started Videos fix! :slight_smile: Amazing when you think about it really, how easily the 301 becomes a physical modeling synthesizer!


Neil have you done a video on how to use the 301 as a mixer return / send in conjunction with internal and outboard effects?


Yep - check out Video #9. Although, it’s not a discreet send/return per element… you’ll see what I mean…


Vid 28 part 1 and 2 up!


Seems like a monster of an video update, thank you again!