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Unofficial Getting Started Videos



I was actually going to recommend the videos around #8-9 as something of alternative starter videos in one of these you go through the updated FW’s GUI and stuff. All the ones before are really important too but I really felt these contained things about custom units and filtering units in the unit selection view that I’d otherwise missed. It’s about as far as I’ve come, actually.

They’re all really good!


Well I have to say that those 2 videos were really cool , I mean great!

Seriously, I feel like my knowledge of the ER-301 (or at least my understanding of how powerful it can be in the right hands!) has grown from “an introduction” to a “continuing fiddles” along with your videos, so once again, THANK YOU! :beers:


Thank you again for your “formidables” videos.


Thanks for the mention in the last video, @NeilParfitt. And thanks for continuing this great video series. It continues to help me tremendously!

Also, that is quite a thing you built there, the Vortex Soup! This is where the ER-301 gets really neat; where what you built - in this case I don’t even know whether to call it an effect or a sound source or what - doesn’t exist anywhere else! You can’t go buy a ‘thing’ that does that!


More great stuff thank you @NeilParfitt and yes - also great to see such a big build in the ER-301! Seems like there’s a shift towards very complete instruments here :slight_smile:

While I am here, I have become increasingly tired of Youtube, for so many reasons it’s silly, so I went looking for an alternative and if you’re on a Mac and have Brew, this works a treat in the terminal:

brew install youtube-dl

then simply:

youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq6_ZsQTx8w

Sweet!! No more re-downloading the videos every time I press pause or switch from inline video to full screen viewing - total waste of my limited 4G home broadband! And I get to watch them in VLC instead - yay!!



Thanks Neil, really appreciate the depth of the series and these latest just added to my understandings of the ER-301. I’m looking forward to your global chain series!

Thanks for the suggestion of numbers 8 and 9 @stef that really helped me out re some head scratching I’ve been doing lately in finding where controls are in deeply nested patches…

I thought Australia the only first world nation where one unable to watch videos at home because of limited and expensive broadband @kel I too have to wait until I go to town to download Neil’s videos, so shall look into Brew.

How's the broadband where you live?

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@NeilParfitt amazing new videos! love to see whats inside that drunk effects/modulation unit hehe.

I have a question(s): do you always start with a custom unit shell or mixer shell? is it best to put most things inside its own mixer everytime?

AND lets say I create a sample player but forget to put it inside a mixer - is there a way to move things you’ve made into a mixer or custom unit after you have inserted them?



I’ve often done this and thought the capacity to wrap a patch in a mixer post facto would be very useful…but to date have simply deleted and started again but on seeing the question posed I can see that you could save your existing process as a preset, delete it, insert a mixer and then open the preset inside the mixer…a few more steps than a “wrap with mixer” command but quite efficient…somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.


Yeah this happens frequenty - when I realize I need have a process one level further into a chain. The only current way is to save a temperary preset of the unit (or entire chain depending on the situation), clear it, add a mixer and then within, reload the preset.

a big wishlist for me is a chain and unit clipboard that could be used to cut/copy/paste. I have so many junk preset files to use for this inbetween process!

It would be a huge time saver building complex patches with similar chains with slightly tweaked parameters.

I tend not to solo or mute mixers, so I’ve been leaning more towards custom units as you can have all the local controls within. And for building a set of processes that you use frequently, if it’s self contained in a custom unit, you can build all the “go to” parameters as controls and then this “module” is easily loadable into any process you’re building later.


thats a fantastic work around!


Vid 29 is up!


That’s very interesting, @NeilParfitt! Great stuff, as always!

Additive synthesis is a technique that I don’t feel is very well represented in Euro-land at this point in time. I presume that’s due to its analog roots and the sheer number of oscillators required to make it happen, and then the sheer number of modulators required to make it interesting. :wink:

One of my favorite [software] implementations of additive synthesis is AIR Music Technology’s Loom, which is capable of some mind-boggling sounds. I call it out here just because there may be some good creative inspiration there in the ways AIR has approached the sound design tools. Some of the concepts might be transferable to modular and 301 chains. Definitely adding to my ever growing “must investigate” list!


video 30 is up!


Oh Neil, in this video, you invent a new musical instrument…love it.


WOW!! Excellent work @NeilParfitt!


Very good - really starting to see the true potential here!! Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s pretty clear that n the not too distant future we are going to start seeing lots of these kinds of instruments - it’s all very exciting!!


@NeilParfitt – would it be at all possible to get a file of this kraken of a patch you created in #30? Thanks!


Usually when I watch Neil’s (or anyone’s) videos I think about it later by trying to imagine: What is he really trying to do and what is the logical conclusion or extremity of this direction? Assuming it is a direction that makes sense for the ER-301, I then ask myself what can I do to get us there more quickly, more efficiently, or in a more general fashion? I must admit however, I’m little scared to follow this line of thought with video #30. :scream_cat:

I’m half joking of course.

Neil has implemented a 4 voice polyphonic synth sampler in what amounts to a very high-level graphical programming language (and is clearly very close to bringing the ER-301 to its knees CPU-wise. I expect this is mainly because of 4x Manual Grains, one for each step? That is approx 4x16=64 grains rendered simultaneously.) I didn’t really expect anyone to be pushing things this far until the plugin SDK was out. Hats off to you Neil! It’s going to take me awhile to fully digest this one.


When I first made this thing it only had the SIN wave as the sound source. Then, I had the grains idea and built that in, but instead of moving each step’s voice to local, i basically doubled up each step - so the SIN AND Grains step element have duplicates of 1/vo Sample and hold, VCA switching, ADSR’s controlling VCA’s, envelope followers and all that.

There’s definitely room for refinement. If I put these sound sources in locals, either sound could send to the same VCA/step shaping system. This would free up a TON of units actually. I’ll give this a shot and see how the CPU load looks :slight_smile: Currently, around 85% @ 48k