Updated firmware, user data

I just updated to a new unstable version of firmware 0.3.05.
I’m finding that all of the sudden my quicksave doesn’t load.

Is this normal, and there is something to do about it, or is there something that I’ve done wrong?


Look to the new v0.3 firmware directory on your SD card, copy (do not move, this will keep a backup just in case) the files to the appropriate directory.


Ah! Cool, thank you.

…long time later…

When upgrading from v0.3 -> v0.4, do I need to xfer over FileChooser.db from the meta folder?

In general any hints as to how to upgrade from v0.3 to v0.4 would be appreciated. :slight_smile: None of my user data is loading again… Are the quicksaves and presets outdated now or can they still be used?

The jump from v0.3 to v0.4 is a pretty big one in terms of preset compatibility. For one thing all of the filename extensions have changed from *.lua to:

quicksaves: *.save
unit presets: *.unit
chain presets: *.chain
global chains preset: *.global
6-track preset: *.6track

So just copying over these files won’t work, you will also need to change the extension. I did make an effort to try to get v0.3 quicksaves, unit and chain presets to load in v0.4 (assuming you have changed the extension) but it is not perfect. In the end, it might be better to just rebuild the presets using the improved v0.4 feature set, especially the expanded concept of local sources.

Also, since quicksaves and presets are siloed in versioned folders (ER-301/v0.3, ER-301/v0.4, and so on) it is easy to downgrade to a previous firmware to get access to older presets in a pinch.

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OK - good to know. What folders can I delete after I’m satisfied w/ the update (enough relevant stuff moved over etc)?

Technically, you can get rid of the ER-301/v0.3 folder once you have moved over but I tend to keep it around just in case I want to go back and have access to older work.

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Maybe I’ll just go for it… You say that it might not be perfect, but that most things should work? If there are missing pieces of functionality, what happens? Is the preset corrupted or does the 301 save a copy that is in the new format?

I have made some fairly sophisticated chains that have custom presets for my units in place and it would be great to simply use them in the new system. I apologize if this comes off as needy… I’ve gotten to the point with my workflow (this should make you happy as a designer) where I’m reusing a lot of custom chains that have embedded behaviors. Very fun!

Can you comment on whether or not chain presets (along with their embedded unit presets and sample file link associations) will be upward compatible and/or supported?

Separately, can you elaborate on “local sources”?

I make a good effort to keep compatibility but I don’t let it get in the way of advancing the firmware. This is one of those things that I’m allowing myself at least until v1.0.

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In addition to the jacks and the global chains you can tap different parts of the current OUTx chain as source signals. These are called local sources. A chain’s source selection screen provides you with all 3 options in the subscreen.

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