Updated to v2.16 but it says v2.15

Let’s see if we can figure out what is going wrong! :cop:

First, what are the contents of your ER-102/FIRMWARE directory?

Only the f2_16.bin file with today’s date. BTW, I removed the config.ini and metainfo.bin files after my failed attempts to see if they were interfering, but still have the same results. Interestingly the new config.ini and metainfo.bin files have today’s date with the year 2045. But still the firmware is displaying current as 2.15.

So I copied the two older versions I still have to the firmware directory and I can cycle thru the versions, but the versions are reading 2.13, 2.14, 2.15 - the first two are correct in that is what I copied to the SD card, but I don’t have 2.15 on the card! Maybe I should download 2.15 and see if that bumps 2.16 to it’s correct readout.

Hmm I wonder if you have a failed display segment on your GROUP display. In USER mode, can you focus the GROUP display and turn the LEFT knob until it says 16?

No. It only reads 1 to 15.

What about 10?

It reads 10 but the lower left LCD is not illuminated.

And there is the problem. Looks like that segment has failed some how. You will need to send it in for diagnosis and repair unfortunately.

You have successfully updated to v2.16 but since that segment is not lighting, it looks like v2.15.

Thanks for walking me through this. Will that segment not lighting effect any operation or is it purely aesthetic? Where do I find the address to return it?

Well groups 15 and 16 will be indistinguishable. So not purely aesthetic.

Just email me or PM me, and I will provide all the information that you need.

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On second glance groups 6 and 8 are also missing from the display.

That is expected given that the lower left segment is not illuminating.

The segment circled in red is not lighting up, right?


Then as suspected, you will need to send it in so I can determine where the hardware fault has occurred and repair it.

Now for the dumb question, you don’t need the 101 to go with it?

Not needed in this case.