Updating the firmware under Linux

Once upon a time / A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

…there used to be the option of doing ER-101 firmware updates using dfu-programmer. I think this was before the OSX version of the updater was available.

Any chance the .hex file could be uploaded for the latest firmware along with the correct dfu-programmer incantation to flash it?

If not, I’ll grab a virtual machine from Microsoft and use that.

You can definitely still update your ER-101 using the dfu-programmer.

#! /bin/sh
echo "Erasing flash..."
./dfu-programmer at32uc3c1512 erase
echo "Writing new firmware..."
./dfu-programmer at32uc3c1512 flash er-101-firmware-vXXX.hex --suppress-bootloader-mem
echo "Restarting device..."
./dfu-programmer at32uc3c1512 reset

I’ll try to find a place to put these files for download but in the meantime, here is a zip archive containing all of the ER-101 firmware releases:
er-101-firmware-v104-to-v209.zip (1.1 MB)

Warning: This method will erase your snapshots.

This works for OS X also.


I’ve successfully updated the firmware.

Here is my /etc/udev/rules.d/50-atmel-avr32.rules for anyone that’s interested (change sam to your own username though!):

# ER-101
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="03eb", ATTRS{idProduct}=="2feb", OWNER="sam", GROUP="sam", MODE="0660"

I also didn’t realise the ER-101 was using an AVR32, it’s the same chip used in the Monome modules (Teletype, Ansible, etc) of which I have some experience developing for… what should I say… commiserations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If anybody else would be updating ER-101 on Ubuntu, its version of dfu-programmer doesn’t seem to recognize connected module. I’m not sure why, because that version (0.6.1) has at32uc3c1512 as supported device. Anyway, it worked after building dfu-programmer from source.