USA based repair technicians

I purchased the ER-102 off of reverb and it came with one of the pins off the 16 pin male power connector broke off and wedged in the power cord. Does anyone know of a US, preferably Washington State based, repair service? Any reputable repair service would actually suffice. Thanks ahead of time for your help!

Update: I was able to get the broken pin out of the connector cable; however, I still need the snapped off pin repaired.

You might want to ask on a bigger forum like lines or modwiggler since you aren’t getting a response here.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Sorry I can’t recommend a repair shop in the U.S either but it looks like it’s one of the ground pins.

FWIW, probably not a problem if it’s not repaired, a Eurorack 16 pins ribbon connector has 6 ground pins and they’re all inter-connected on the PCB anyway.

I think this is not about the power connector (where this would indeed not be a problem). This is the 101-102 interconnect.

You should try with a multimeter if there is continuity between both parallel pins on the 16-pin male power connector.

If needed, I could try on mine tonight.