(User-Error All Good) ER-101 having an issue with Voltage Tables assignment for CV-B

It could be user error as I probably need a break but
For some reason I’m having issue assigning 12EET table to CV-B of Track 2 and Track 3
It works fine when doing the exact same thing with Track 1 and Track 4

All I am trying to do is assign the 12EET Table to CV-B in the usual way.
What I get is that CV-B will indeed change to have 0V at value 0, 1V at value 12, 2V at value 24 - Confirmed this with Voltage Meter…
the actual name of the Note for 0, 12, 24… is not C but it is E…

Even if I change to Penta… it starts from E

So it looks like the actual Voltages are correct for the 12EET but the actual Note Names for CV-B do not change to C=0V, C1=1V, etc…
CV-A display and values are fine…

With Track 1 and Track 4, assigning 12EET to CV B works as expected with correct Voltage Values and correct Note Names

Am I too tired and I am missing something?

is this just presentational? You can change whether it displays the values of CVA and CVB as voltages or Note Values.


I think @SonicVoltage is saying that 0V is displaying “E0” rather than “C0”.


yes this

In v2.17 of the ER-102 firmware, a configuration option was added that allowed you to “transpose” the displayed note values so that you can work in any key without having to retune your oscillators:


The root (or key) of the note display is now configurable in the track configuration screen. In the track configuration screen, turn the RIGHT knob to set the root note when you have CV-A or CV-B focused.

So I believe that you might have just inadvertently set the display root note to 0E.00. Just go back in to the track configuration screen for Track 2 and 3 and set the display root back to 0C.00. This setting is saved with each snapshot.

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I thought it must have been user error because it is fine on other snapshots and on the other two tracks of the same snapshot. I am going to check it shortly as I am going to carry on with Part 3 of the videos :), I am sure it is just what you said.

Will report back
Thanks for your reply during the weekend!

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Ahh, my bad.

Yes excellent, USER ERROR, which is great!

Thank you for all replies and thank you @odevices for knowing exactly what I did wrong :smile:

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