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User Replaceable CPU - THE DEFINITE THREAD - Which one? When? How? Etc


Pheew I’m glad this was resolved peacefully.

I didn’t feel fell misled personally but I have asked about upgrades myself, seeing as this will likely come back again: is it somehow possible to pin Brian’s rather exact last answer to the OP’s initial question? Thanks and hugs.


It will definitely be one of the FAQs - coming soon!


The modularity of the module is great. That an update is possible in the future is great. That it is a simple plug and play update is fantastic.

I’m not detecting any misleading comments here. I appreciate your willingness to be open despite the pitfalls of doing so!



I wasn’t a big fan of the Facebook thread that started and was based around, the 301 can now do convolution reverb, we need more horsepower to get bigger samples going. I think now the upgradability is a talking point, it’s great down the line but if it didn’t appear for a couple years I for one wouldn’t be that bothered. Plenty power there already and bigger battles to fight.


i love laying out boards. if there is an approved schematic or roadmap of sorts. i’d put some time in CAD while my students are in lab. understanding this is down the road as well.


I think it’s this one:

edit: yes it is! Docs are available following that link :slight_smile:


Not sure whether this was intentional or not, but the cat is out of the bag… new CPU mid 2018 - super excited for this!!

I hereby declare the ER-301 the single most attention ‘keeping’ device made for modular ever!


I hope 6 months is enough time…:thinking:


Haha, well, we all know how these things go, don’t feel held to any schedule, as always better to get it right and be late than rush and get it wrong (not that I would ever expect that you would do this anyway)

Best wishes with the development - hope it all goes well!!


Woo! :star_struck:





How much more “powerful” is the new chip expected to be?


No clue - I am hoping for at least 100 times more powerful :joy:

Okay that’s not going to happen… but I would expect something juicy - even twice as powerful would be quite a leap and this is something that Olimex may possibly produce, but if @odevices is going to design and build one dedicated to the cause… then who knows!? All I know is that it will be good :smiley:


With the SSP inbound for me it will be very interesting to see what gains the new chip will bring. Speed and memory as im hoping we get some ram as well.

I’m fairly certain the SSP will be uncontested champion in terms of power for quite some time but having a 301 already as a companion to that is great, and one that is in anyway more than what 301 already is going to be totally awesome.

I’ve secretly wanted the 301 UI on the SSP, which to me just underscores how great 301 is.


The display looks amazing! So big and colours too!
Being able to play polyphonically over midi is a great feature, I wonder if the 301 will be able to do this someday?
With the current research / development of connecting the 301 hardware to Monome hardware would this allow for playing back (eventual) polyphonic patches over midi via some of the Monome hardware?

Or if an expander was developed that allowed for midi control that would be awesome


My position on MIDI has not changed :vulcan_salute:

I’m more than happy to let someone else grab the crown for MIDI.


There is one:

I have to admit that, while I will be using the i2c teletype connection when it will be introduced some day, I find the wish for heavy normalizations behind digital modules and MIDI implementation a bit irritating. The ER-301 already has quite a lot of CV-inputs. Why would one want more digital inputs on the back and/or MIDI control in a modular setup? It seems that the needs within the modular scene have changed a lot over the last few years and people make softsynths out of their systems.


I think MIDI makes sense once you simply patch CV/gate for, say, a 4-voice polyphonic synth with the 301. That’s 8 cables, right there.

For me, having something polyphonic within my modular system, under full CV control (save CV/gate), would be fantastic. I don’t mind too much where the control signal comes from, as long as it’s convenient.


I have got a FH1 with 2 expanders already.
To have midi for playing polyphonic patches would be a lot easier I think


Be interesting to see how polyphonic sampling is achieved when (if) it eventually comes.
I recall you mentioned some sort of ‘round robbin’ type system?

For me midi seems like a potentially easy / straightforward to achieve this if someone could make an expander