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User Replaceable CPU - THE DEFINITE THREAD - Which one? When? How? Etc


I did see some bikes out, downtown today, in the snow! :joy:
I love the 301, and I also like being on board for whatever may come in the future.

Keep on keeping on! :hedgehog:


There is nothing like a well used bike. It grows on you in ways that are hard to define. Is Japan as supportive of biking as countries like the Netherlands and Germany?

Confirming that the cpu will eventually happen is all I really care about. I know you aren’t going to drop software development after putting so much into it.


Sorry about your bike, Brian!

Holding off the CPU upgrade project until firmware 1.0 probably makes good sense. I’m guessing there will be a pretty substantial lull in your application layer development while you go off and design the hardware adapter and re-write the hardware abstraction layer for a new board. So it will be nice to have a full SDK at that point, so that user & 3rd party application layer development can continue during this time.


Please continue this way of thinking! One of the reasons I bought an er301 is because your behind it and you’ve essentially proved what I’m about to say by the way you introduced the er301 with that first 30 min video…

Keep your ideas about upgrades and such very close to your chest as people who have no idea about manufacturing (especially a one-man band, must be very difficult) say “well x processor is out so I guess that’s what I expect” or maybe to put it another way - if you ask people what they want you’ll get a million answers as they’ll be based on their requirements.
People don’t know what they want really and how can they? How many people are up-to date with bleeding edge soic’s?

And the actual companies like olimex or whoever will most likely be doing way more than what we think I a couple of years…

And one thing about this is actually pretty insulting. We are still in beta…

We are still in beta
We are still in beta
We are still in beta


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I purchased an olimex board to replace a blown one and I think it was 60euro including postage. Im guessing the upgraded board will be a similar cost. I know conserving hard earned cash is a premium but as a % of the total cost of the module its minimal. Buy when the list re-opens you’ll get all the 301 love. At some point the upgrade will appear and get that for very little :slight_smile: