Using 301 sample/granular features with real-time input

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to do interesting sample slicing and granular processing to real time input. Specifically I want to set up some sort of generative patch that takes a guitar signal and does weird stuff to it while I’m playing. Looking for ideas, cool things you’ve tried, links to videos, etc.

Buffers can be shared amongst any combination of units, so you can throw some external audio into a looper and then have a manual grains (or 3, or 4) use the same buffer elsewhere in the patch while the audio is continually updated. Sample scanner and manual loops could also be fertile units to play with this way. If the play and record heads cross paths at the wrong time it’s possible to create clicks and pops, though.

The feedback looper is really powerful for this sort of stuff. I like to run audio in, then through a granular delay for pitch shifting, then into a feedback looper. Insert modulation wherever you want and enjoy. Clocked random gates controlling the looper (reset/engage/punch) produce nice generative results, and often I’ll throw quantized pitch CV into the delay’s v/oct control. Combinations of modulated effects/filters/distortion preceding the looper also get awesome results. I like keeping feedback and fade at zero for total replacement of material inside the buffer (i.e. maximum glitch) but I’ve had fun modulating that parameter, too!

The wonderful sloop unit would also be a great fit.


Awesome, thank you for all these tips!

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This is my entire use case for the 301 at the moment. Over the weekend, I did a patch that accepted Live input (from a guitar) and used the voltage from a set of light dependent resistors to chose the slice being played back. I’d be happy to share my notes. The chain can use any cv source for slice selection- the Arduino thing was just a bit of whimsy.

Edit: are you able to access this IG link?


No luck on the IG link for me

So great! Saw your instagram post on lines and would love to more about this…

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Instagram embeds have been weird on lines too (some of the time, haven’t been able to pin down the cause)

I saw your video on Instagram, really cool! I’ve got a lot of fun stuff to try, thank y’all for the ideas.


I would love to see your notes on the unit. Is the buffer able to be a length specified on the fly or is it pre determined?

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I don’t recommend using buffer length for timing/musical purposes. Set the buffer length to be “long enough” and then use a timing pulse to reset the play/record position at the desired interval.


Does this work for playing the buffer in reverse by having a negative speed selected?

Thanks Brian!

I’m trying to work out how I might set musical slice divisions of the the actual recorded audio part, not the entire buffer. Is it possible to do this ‘on the fly’ or do I need to stop and access the menu ( know how that works) No biggy, just curious as I work out workflow ideas.

Like I said, nooby here but I love this thing so much!

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