Using a 301 for Sound Design for games/video

Hi all,

As I’m awaiting my own 301 I’m perusing the forums to learn as much as I can which is very inspiring!
As a composer and sound designer for games I started in modular to use it as a sound design tool, make new content to use in my sounds.

I was wondering if there are people amongst you that do the same and who’s brain I can pick to get me started with persuing this quest on the 301?

Thanks :pray:


I compose for animation and do a lot of synth related sound design for films. Use the 301 and modular frequently! :heart_eyes:


I know who to bother then :slight_smile:

My main reason to get into modular was to make a system that could generate ever changing and modulating sound sources. Biggest inspiration was this “simple whoosh patch” I came across video on YouTube. I was always intrigued by Kyma Systems but the price of those put me off (think I could buy 2 now with all the modules I bought haha…)

Anyway, looking forward to diving in and getting synth as well as organic sound design out of the 301.

Could you share some work on the subject of your sound design @NeilParfitt?

A couple of years ago I’ve made a whoosh patch with modular, you can find it here:

The video is pretty detailed but let me know if I can help you further.

I’d like to re do it now with all the new modules I’ve accumulated over time and especially with the sampling capabilities of the 301!

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Wow!! That’s THE video that pulled me into eurorack haha!
Not sure if I need to thank you tbh :smiley:

Awesome stuff and I’ve been building my case to achieve that sound/patch.

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HA! What a small world!!

You need to thank me as much as you need to thank that friend that introduced you to cigarettes in the high school’s back alley :laughing:

To answer the topic’s question I mostly use modular synths as small ingredients in my sound design to give it that extra quirk or edginess.
I find it to be too synthetic in most genres to stand alone.
So I like to mix it with grounded sounds from the real world as much as possible.

The best usable sounds I’ve got have been UI, drones, electricity sweetening and whooshes.

I just got my 301 and I’m currently quite busy on a project that doesn’t need Sci-fi SFX all that much, so I’m taking my time with it. But it’s a fantastic module/environment for so many things!!
You won’t regret jumping on the OD wagon for sure!


Too synthy is reason to get more into samplers and such. I love all the modulation and randomness possible in modular and such! Much more inspiring when working with cables and knobs.

Looking forward talking more on the subject.
Great to have found you here oh lovely person who kindled this addiction haha

Lol. I’m not just typing that. I literally laughed out loud.

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zeta that case looks familiar. what coast are you on… a friend of mine in jersey has an identical one.

I create sounds primarily for sound packs (Fluxwithit, MSX audio, Big Fish Audio, and many others) …
Er-301 is a sound design dream. I love reaktor and use it quite a bit but I much prefer working with hardware. ER-301 is very much allowing me to do the reaktor ideas I have , inside of my eurorack without having to dive to a computer and my ES8 .
just a fantastic device. I am sure I will have youtube videos up on it soon enough. here I am using one field recorded sample to modulate another field recorded sample to nice effect.


Awesome idea! Sounds great :+1:

@Flux302 that is awesome!
Would love to see more on your process and such :slight_smile:

I use synths to scratch my own musical interests and to create sound effects for my own games. They are indie and done in my spare time. Ie: not professional.

I’m not sure I can give you specific advice on the 301 per se but I’ve used it for a few things that I learned on this forum so I’d say you are in good hands.

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I use/have used the ER-301 in sound design for radio documentary production, a realm not know for its modular aural aesthetic. I find it remarkably versatile, especially for manipulating recorded aural landscapes for additional ambience.


I have a lot of videos up on youtube. along with some great interviews as well. lately I haven’t been quite as active on that stuff as I am in the midst of building a new studio from scratch. but once that is done I will be back to normal frequency that I was a few years back.

Hey, I’m currently in the UK, idk if you are referring to the case itself but if you are it was made by Ross Lamond here in England.
If you mean the modules all I can say is that your friend has good taste in modules :smiley:
Although I traded many of those now for new ones!

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Ah OK, yeah I know Ross well.
Thought it was by someone else.


Would you be willing to share the FM sampler as a custom unit? Just started getting into sound design for theatres and this would be amazing