Using a channel in the ER-101 to switch between parts in the ER-102

Has anyone ever tried using one of the channels of the 101 (CV-B + Gate) to switch between parts on the ER-102? Furthermore, have you ever tried recording (through the 102) a CV + Gate from an external sequencer/keyboard (i.e. pressure points) to CV-B+Gate in one of the channels of the ER-101 that, in turn, is controlling parts in the ER-102?

I’m trying to experiment with that, but something is going wrong. Like the channels in the 101 are out of sync with each other.

ps. The channel “controlling” parts is not resetting to/looping according to parts

Anyone?!? :slight_smile:

My ER-102 is in pieces at the moment (yes I only have one). I’ll have to get back to you in a few days.

In the meantime, if you have a simple example that reproduces the problem, it will help a lot.

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thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response - I’ve been busy with work. I will put one an example together soon!