Using the 301 ins and outs as a matrix mixer for feedback

Can this be done or is there an issue with latency, or anything else?

I just mean e.g. sending in1 to out1 through some effects and back into in1: does that generate feedback? Would it be possible to integrate pedals into that setup by reducing and boosting the signal x25 in the er-301?

It totally works. I make delay chains that way. Put a delay on channel one, have the output going to a filter, then come back in on any non gate input.

I can’t say if pedals would work as I don’t own any line or instrument level effects, and am not particularly knowledgeable about audio levels.

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Yeah I tried it, and it – feedback – works… don’t think I have the right cables to try pedal inserts rn though.

The feedback isn’t quite as satisfying as I’d like – not sure if I can reduce the er-301’s clipping of the signal, or not – my brain is slow today

You can always avoid clipping. How you do it depends on where the clipping is happening though.

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Good to know, thanks… not sure how much I need to attenuate and boost to pedal levels, but I tried it x25 [a vca turned to +/-25] and it seems to have worked, with a few glitches [the signal back in has an offset to it]

I’m guessing latency issues will effect the feedback quality / sound? No big deal here; just something else to play with I mean

It is common practice to use a Fixed HPF unit to remove any offsets. All of the inputs on the ER-301 are DC-coupled.