USS EnterTable

This is sort of a complex oscillator, with two wavetable made by single cycle waveforms, with pitch offset for the second one, and both self FM.
You can, of course, load any sample folder in the oscillators, but remember to do that also in the one inside frequency subchain. You’ll find the wavetables I used while building it in the zip, just place them in the right position and they should be automatically loaded in.
You need the Strike LPG by @tomf


  • Main pitch is assigned to both v/oct, but you can offset by a certain value the second one with the next pitch fader.
  • Scan, is exactly that.
  • FM 1 and 2 is the self FM amount of each osc.

These 3 previous controls are normalized to the oscillator copy in frequency modulation subchains.

  • LPG and the next controls are just the same as the LPG unit, assign a trigger or gate and you’re good to go. Refer to that unit for more info about the controls.

USS EnterTable V1.0
USS (360.4 KB)
Works on latest firmware, lpg unit still missing


I’m guessing this is not for firmware v0.6?

Nope, sorry. At least, I didn’t build it there, dunno if it’ll work

It actually works with latest firmware, missing lpg unit tho, we need to wait till it’s updated